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Written by salil mahajan

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Diwali isrepparttar perfect occasion for happiness, bliss and prosperity. Come together and enjoyrepparttar 113236 lights and sounds of this wonders occasion. Wish your friends and family a joy for ever by sending them wishes from our special collection of warm and bright egreetings.

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Written by Manoj Dash, BHMS,Ph.D.

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Steps involved in Lectio divina: ActivityDescriptionPurpose LectioReadrepparttar passage, seekrepparttar 113235 word or GodListen MeditatioMeditate onrepparttar 113236 passage and apply it to our own situation and needsReflect OratioPray in response torepparttar 113237 word of GodIntegrate ContemplatioListen in contemplative silence, open to whatever God may wish to invite or impartReceive

Hence contemplation was accepted though by specific groups of individuals. However meditation was more generally associated with eastern traditions such as Zen and yoga, and many who wished to explorerepparttar 113238 contemplative life turned to Eastern teachers who were beginning to establish themselves inrepparttar 113239 West. Eastern perspectives. General. Inrepparttar 113240 traditional texts (the Pataňjali's Yoga Sūtras and Bhagavad Gīta) it has been described that when awake and inrepparttar 113241 absence of a specific taskrepparttar 113242 mind is very distractible (caňcalatā), and has to be taken throughrepparttar 113243 stages of ‘streamliningrepparttar 113244 thoughts' (concentration or ekāgrata), and one-pointed concentration (focusing or dhāranā), before reachingrepparttar 113245 meditative state (defocused, effortless single thought state or dhyāna). Descriptions of each ofrepparttar 113246 states.

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