Divorce: Coping With The Family Law Process

Written by Charles M. Goldstein

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The Solutions

Mediation may berepparttar best answer. If you and your spouse can still communicate and have some common ground, mediation may berepparttar 119274 most economical, efficient, and effective way to resolverepparttar 119275 issues inrepparttar 119276 divorce. The mediator must be well trained and be competent inrepparttar 119277 area of family law. You should consult with an attorney before and afterrepparttar 119278 mediation to be properly advised on negotiation ofrepparttar 119279 issues and on whetherrepparttar 119280 final result is a comprehensive solution.

You may need guidance in selecting an attorney. Your union, company corporate attorney or human resource department may be a source of names. The attorney should be practicing primarily, if not exclusively, inrepparttar 119281 area of family law (the area has become too complicated to be effectively handled byrepparttar 119282 generalist). The attorney should haverepparttar 119283 most current research software and resources available withinrepparttar 119284 office (Lexis and FinPlan Divorce Planner are good examples). Competence, comfort and convenience are three primary considerations in selectingrepparttar 119285 attorney. Evaluate whetherrepparttar 119286 attorney has a plan which will properly allocate resources to achieve realistic and wise goals.

You should be cognizant ofrepparttar 119287 importance of limiting conversation withrepparttar 119288 attorney torepparttar 119289 nuts and bolts and not try to convincerepparttar 119290 lawyer thatrepparttar 119291 soon to be ex-spouse is a less than admirable human being; that's for a counselor. It will also save time and resources for an already stretched budget. Also, one should not fear asking another attorney for a second opinion at any point inrepparttar 119292 process. It is no more improper than having a doctor provide a second opinion on a serious medical condition.

The divorce process is time consuming in evenrepparttar 119293 simplest cases and will make demands upon your schedule. Becauserepparttar 119294 courts and your attorney are probably workingrepparttar 119295 same schedule as you are, it is probable that some absences and interruptions of work will be unavoidable. Court dates, especially, are not optional. Advise your employer immediately of any court dates, as those occasions may require an absence from work for at least one half day. When you provide documentation regarding income or other employment information, keep in mind thatrepparttar 119296 courts have strict guidelines and time limits. Promptly providingrepparttar 119297 necessary information is essential.

Lastly, as an attorney, I remind my clients thatrepparttar 119298 legal process of divorce is basically to divide assets, arrange custody, establish support, and address insurance and debts among other issues. It is notrepparttar 119299 last argument orrepparttar 119300 final revenge. Whilerepparttar 119301 attorney can assist a person going throughrepparttar 119302 divorce process onrepparttar 119303 legal matters, emotional help is more appropriately available from close friends or professional counselors.

Please contact me if I can ever be of assistance in answering a question about legal representation inrepparttar 119304 divorce process.

Charles Goldstein practices family law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is committed to providing accessible, effective and reasonably priced family law litigation and mediation services. For a free telephone consultation, call 952.449.5299. http://www.fmlylaw.com

Arraignment in New York Criminal Courts

Written by Susan Chana Lask, Esq.

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- You have family, friends and a job inrepparttar state or locally - The charges against you are improper in some way. Your attorney may even getrepparttar 119273 whole case dismissed ifrepparttar 119274 District Attorney’s criminal complaint against you is not properly drafted or signed by a proper party. Getting The Complaint Dismissed At Arraignment      The District Attorney draftsrepparttar 119275 criminal complaint against you from information received fromrepparttar 119276 arresting officer andrepparttar 119277 victim ofrepparttar 119278 crime. While you’re being processed throughrepparttar 119279 Precinct and Central Booking,repparttar 119280 arresting officer will fax his paperwork and information regarding your arrest and charges torepparttar 119281 District Attorney’s office. Someone inrepparttar 119282 District Attorney’s office will then callrepparttar 119283 victim and get more information so they can properly draftrepparttar 119284 complaint.      The complaint needs to be signed under oath byrepparttar 119285 arresting officer orrepparttar 119286 victim. If it is not signed by anyone when you appear at your arraignment then it is not "corroborated" and must be dismissed. So check out who signedrepparttar 119287 complaint: if it was a person other thanrepparttar 119288 arresting officer orrepparttar 119289 victim thenrepparttar 119290 complaint should be dismissed. Lastly, ifrepparttar 119291 facts ofrepparttar 119292 complaint do not establish each legal element ofrepparttar 119293 crime charged, orrepparttar 119294 complaint is poorly drafted then it should be dismissed; however,repparttar 119295 court usually will giverepparttar 119296 District Attorney a few weeks to file a properly drafted complaint.

This article is certainly not all inclusive and is intended only as a brief explanation ofrepparttar 119297 legal issue presented. Not all cases are alike and it is strongly recommended that you consult an attorney if you have any questions with respect to any legal matters.

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