Divining Your Soul Number

Written by Sam Stevens

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Soul Number 9 Those born with a Soul Number 9 have a great desire to transcend all karma by using humor. Many are witty writers, public speakers and filmmakers. They are also great teachers as they have a way of transforming spiritual messages and philosophies into entertainment forrepparttar masses. Most of them are gentle souls who have made it their life mission to makerepparttar 105658 world into a kinder place. Many of them are also liberal thinkers who supportrepparttar 105659 right of each individual to make their own mistakes. Their motto is "Remember to take time out to smellrepparttar 105660 flowers." Soul Number 11 Number 11 is a master soul number. The prime directive of these individuals is to transformrepparttar 105661 world throughrepparttar 105662 use of spiritual knowledge, talents or tools. More than anything these individuals often desire to be as close to God or enlightenment as is possible in this world. They often accomplish this by deliberately choosing to be born into bad situations that punish them for incorrect actions in other lives. This eventually leads them to an incarnation as a "wounded healer" later in life that enables them to enlighten others. Soul Number 22 Number 22's arerepparttar 105663 master manifesters ofrepparttar 105664 numerology divination system. These individuals rarely make a move in life without first making sure that their decisions are aligned withrepparttar 105665 guidance of Divine Will. These souls are sent to us to transformrepparttar 105666 world forrepparttar 105667 better. They accomplish this by combining practicality and genius with inspiration, intuition and a heart-felt desire to do what is best for all. Most 22’s believe that it is possible to build a Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Soul Number 33 Soul number 33's value a state of grace above all else. Many of them appear as enigmas as it is next to impossible to determinerepparttar 105668 logic behind their motivations or actions. A master soul number of 33 is very, very rare. They often spendrepparttar 105669 majority of their lifetime being misunderstood or persecuted for their beliefs. However as many are enlightened and completely detached from emotions or events,repparttar 105670 actions of ordinary mortals have little effect on their directive to spiritually transformrepparttar 105671 world.

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at http://www.psychicrealm.com where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at http://www.newagenotebook.com where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.

The Law of Attraction in Action

Written by Diana Kennedy, LMT

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You may have heardrepparttar saying, “Thoughts are things.” Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are real! They are alive withrepparttar 105657 spiritual substance that makes up this world. Our thoughts are energized and powerful. Everything we experience in "reality" has its beginnings inrepparttar 105658 non-physical. Every thought we think is a seed and every time we thinkrepparttar 105659 same thought over again, we water that seed. When we think thoughts filled with emotion, we fertilize those thoughts. The more intense our desire, andrepparttar 105660 degree to which we believe it is possible,repparttar 105661 more likely it is to come into our experience andrepparttar 105662 faster it will manifest. The law ofrepparttar 105663 soil andrepparttar 105664 law ofrepparttar 105665 mind arerepparttar 105666 same.

The world is filled with evidence that supports our beliefs. In other words, optimists are confirmed in their optimism, and pessimists are confirmed in their habits of thought also. An optimist expects things to work out somehow, and because they give their attention to what they do want with expectancy, this is what manifests in their experience. The pessimist, onrepparttar 105667 other hand, generally also creates what they habitually worry about. When pessimists learn how to alter their expectations and beliefs, they too can more deliberately create what they are wanting in life.

I truly believe that everything works towards our highest good, we just need to trustrepparttar 105668 Universal Laws working through us and use our experiences to expand our consciousness. Let’s userepparttar 105669 Law of Attraction to makerepparttar 105670 world a more joyful and loving place!

"If you could begin to feel appreciation forrepparttar 105671 fact that desire exists and anticipation about its unfolding, rather than disappointment that it has not manifested, your energy would clear up by 95% and your manifestations would begin to flow to you so much more easily. Abraham-Hicks

Diana Kennedy helps people just like you transform from the inside out. Start transforming your life today - subscribe to Diana's free Ezine Living from Spirit ~ A Breath of Inspiration at http://www.DianaKennedy.com.

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