Diversify to Survive

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Of course, you can always create your own products as well. A good option for an online business is a digital product such as an e-book since production and distribution costs are extremely low. Your customer simply downloadsrepparttar product from your server to her hard disk. But you don't have to restrict yourself to digital products. You might choose to write a book and have it professionally bound and printed. Or you may choose to make your book available in both digital and traditional format with different price points to reflectrepparttar 117445 different production and shipping costs.


Once you have generated consistently high, targeted traffic to your website, you can begin to think about charging for third party advertising on some of your website real estate. The price you can charge for banner advertising depends on your traffic whether your advertiser pays you to simply host his banner or whether she pays you per click-through. Particularly if your revenue depends on click-through it is very important (both for you and your advertiser in terms of repeat business) that your advertiser's product or service is relevant torepparttar 117446 overall subject matter of your website.

Your pricing would generally be set at a CPM rate, for example $20 per thousand page views. So, if your site receives 5,000 page views a week, that's $100 a week in advertising revenue. The more targeted your traffic,repparttar 117447 more you can charge as your CPM.


You have, I'm sure, heard it said many times that a great way to generate traffic to your website is to publish an ezine (electronic magazine or newsletter). That's certainly true. Ezines are a terrific traffic generator. But they can also be a source of revenue in their own right.

Once you hit 1,000 subscribers (as a general rule) you can start charging for advertising in your ezine. Again, CPM is a good pricing model to start with.

Again,repparttar 117448 more targeted your subscriber database,repparttar 117449 higher your CPM. Some very highly targeted, specialized ezines can charge as much as $40 CPM or more. Others that are very general and untargeted may only be able to generate $2 CPM. Again,repparttar 117450 time and effort you expend in targeting your market audience,repparttar 117451 higher your potential revenue.


The number one commodity people are looking for online is information. Consider making your website content available on a members-only basis, charging a membership fee for access. Your content has to be of genuine value to your website visitors, however. Don't try this if all you're offering is a collection of other people's articles.

The type of content that lends itself well to this type of arrangement includes things like apartments for rent listings (eg http://www.westsiderentals.com ), home-based job openings, that sort of thing.

Members-only sites that consist of a collection of freely available products and tools can also work well if, by joining,repparttar 117452 member saves him or herself many hours of independent searching and collatingrepparttar 117453 relevant materials.

Apart from information, entertainment-type content also lends itself well to a pay-for-access type of arrangement. The obvious (if unfortunate) example isrepparttar 117454 highly lucrative internet pornography industry. Say what you will about it, it is a business model that most online entrepreneurs would love to be able to replicate in their own industry, if only they could generaterepparttar 117455 same level of interest. It's that targeted traffic principle yet again!

As I said, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Once you start implementing these, others will suggest themselves to you. It really doesn't matter what you do so long as it works for you. By all means, if something works well, don't stop what you're doing. But don't rest on your laurels either. Make sure you always have other wells to drill if today's runs dry.


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117458 work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com

Are You Missing Out On Valuable Information?

Written by Jason Anderson

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"Million Dollar Emails" and "Autoresponder Magic" are two examples that spring to mind.

But that doesn't meanrepparttar information in them is any less useful. The information hasn't changed - justrepparttar 117444 availability ofrepparttar 117445 ebook. And to be honest, sometimesrepparttar 117446 bonuses that you get contain better information thanrepparttar 117447 actual ebook you are buying!

I recently bought an ebook that was like that.

The ebook in question was on ezine advertising. A very important topic, and something that I wanted to learn more about. However, after readingrepparttar 117448 ebook I was very disappointed. The information in it was very so-so - nothing that I hadn't read before in ezine articles. I was ready to ask for my money back.

Luckily for me, I decided to look atrepparttar 117449 included bonuses before I did. Wow, was I glad I did! The bonuses more than made up forrepparttar 117450 ebook, and I went from being disappointed to ecstatic after reading them.

So take some time to look at allrepparttar 117451 ebooks you have bought inrepparttar 117452 last couple of months, and see if they came with bonus ebooks that you haven't looked at. You may be very surprised at what you find when you read them!

Jason is the editor of Achieve Net Profits, where he interviews successful Internet marketers each week. Save yourself time and money by learning marketing directly from the pros! --> http://www.AchieveNetProfits.com/

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