Distribution Lists and Databases: A Primer for Freelancers

Written by Lyn Blair

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Now you have created a shortcut for your contacts base. If you look inrepparttar Outlook bar (the column entitled “Outlook Shortcuts”), your shortcut will appear as a Rolodex icon with “Contacts” written beneath it.

Suppose you want to e-mail all your client prospects a self-marketing letter. Let’s make a distribution list.

Making a distribution list in MS Outlook

1.Click onrepparttar 109495 Contacts shortcut icon to open your contacts database. 2.Click on File (atrepparttar 109496 top ofrepparttar 109497 program, located onrepparttar 109498 menu bar). A box will open up. 3.Click on New. (Another box will open.) 4.Click on Distribution List. (A file card will open.) 5.Inrepparttar 109499 Name box, typerepparttar 109500 name of your group, for example “Client Prospects”. 6.Click on Select Members. Your address book will open. 7.Selectrepparttar 109501 client prospect names from your address book. You’ll see them being added below in a list, consisting of names and e-mail addresses. 8.If a name isn’t in your address book, you can still add it to your group list now. Click on Add new. Fill inrepparttar 109502 name and e-mail address, and then click on OK. 9.When you finish compiling your list, click onrepparttar 109503 Save and Close icon.

Now you’re ready to e-mail your self-marketing letter. In your e-mail, click On To: and your address book will open. As you scroll down, you’ll see, Client Prospects. Point to it and click. Client Prospects will fill inrepparttar 109504 To: space on your e-mail. However when your clients receiverepparttar 109505 e-mail, it won’t say “Client prospects”. Clients will merely see their names along with other individual names to whichrepparttar 109506 email was sent.

That’s all there is to it. Making distributions lists will save you time. Have fun!

Lyn Blair is a copywriter and graphics designer in the Los Angeles area. She is Assistant Editor of Freebird-zine and also contributes articles. She recently launched her freelance business and web site at: www.lblairenterprises.com Contact Lyn at blairenterprises@earthlink.net

New Year's Netiquette Resolutions

Written by Judith Kallos

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5.I will understand that not everyone will haverepparttar same opinions as I do and that is A.O.K.! I will make a point of only sending e-mail that clearly states my opinions without personalizing repparttar 109494 issues at hand. Constructive conversation and exchange of ideas is one ofrepparttar 109495 great things about being online and not everyone will agree with my POV. Boy, wouldn't that be boring!?

6.There is no place online for profanities, accusations or rudeness. If I run into problems with another onliner in a chat room, message board or by e-mail who does not communicate with clarity and courtesy, I will simply cease communicating with them. If I need to respond, I will takerepparttar 109496 high road and not stoop down torepparttar 109497 level of personal digs and innuendo. I will report ongoing abusive e-mails or threatening behavior to my ISP for proper handling.

7.I will be very respectful about how I use my employer's technology resources understanding they are payingrepparttar 109498 bill and I am on their time. I will make a point of reviewing my employer's policies then following them to avoid any problems.

8.I will avoid formatting my e-mails with colored text, bolding, italics because I know it may not lookrepparttar 109499 same as I intended when received onrepparttar 109500 other side. I understand that many prefer plain text in their communications and that if I communicate with clarity formatting really is not necessary.

9.If I do use my "leave mail on server" feature of my e-mail program, I will be diligent about unchecking it and clearing my e-mail account's inbox so that my e-mail box does not become full and bounce/return e-mails to those making an effort to communicate with me.

10.I will make a point of understanding each online service or Web site I choose to use by reading their Frequently Asked Questions or Help area. I understand that if I do not review these areas, I could misunderstand or do something incorrectly and need to eliminate my actions or lack thereof as a possible cause of a perceived problem before pointing fingers at others. If in fact something does appear amiss, I will e-mail with courtesy asking for their assistance in resolving my difficulties rather than making blunt demands or accusations.

There you have it! Your 10 Little Courtesies to work on forrepparttar 109501 year ahead so that folks don't cringe when they see your name in their inbox. Just imagine if everyone online made these efforts? Joy, joy! ;-)

Judith Kallos is an authoritative and good-humored Technology Muse. Check out her new book: "Because Netiquette Matters! Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to E-mail Etiquette and Proper Technology Use" @: http://www.BecauseNetiquetteMatters.com

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