Distribute Your Self-Published Book - Part 1

Written by Judy Cullins

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Local Distribution.

For each venue, make sure to include ordering information such as your Web site URL, your company address, your toll-free 800 number, your local phone number, and an order page to fill out for fax or phone orders..

1.Distribute throughrepparttar Press.

-Create a "Power Press Release" (include tips and how-to's) -Get a Feature Story fromrepparttar 129276 Media -Write a how-to article and submit

2. Distribute through a local Talk Show-Radio and TV or guest speak for another person's teleclasses.

Just a phone call away you can reach 100's of people interested in your book's topic. Do some research on www.teleclass.com. From my guesting with other experts every 2 months, new clients come, new book and teleclass sales increase to make up half my income.

Onrepparttar 129277 talk shows orrepparttar 129278 teleclasses, offerrepparttar 129279 audience a free report to capture their email addresses. You can also send it through your host and she will distribute that information to her large email list. Of course you include your sales-pulling signature file atrepparttar 129280 end.

3. Distribute at local talks to groups. Sell your print books atrepparttar 129281 back ofrepparttar 129282 room. Take a clip board and capture everyone's email atrepparttar 129283 talk. These people become your dedicated sales force and tell others. Word of mouth takes up to one or two years, so be patient for results. Check your library for Clubs who need free speakers.

Develop a selling two-sided flyer with testimonials, your book cover, excerpts, and an ordering coupon. Take books and flyers with you everywhere. Offer to all you meet, even your dentist!

Authors need to be proactive in book promotion because publishers won't do it for them. (Part 2 of this article is available)

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Get Your First Sale!

Written by Angela Booth

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How will you ask forrepparttar sale? If you're selling your writing, then send out novel and non-fiction proposals, or proposals for magazine articles.

Keep in mind that "Ask forrepparttar 129275 sale" means askrepparttar 129276 person who can buy your product to buy it. I approached editors at publishing houses who could buy my work. I didn't approach agents. As handy as literary agents are, an agent can't buy.

No matter what product you're selling, from apricots to zebras, you must askrepparttar 129277 person and/ or company withrepparttar 129278 cash to buy your product.

It's worth mentioning here that you donít need to follow any particular rules when you're asking forrepparttar 129279 sale. For example, most writing books will tell you that to sell a novel you must writerepparttar 129280 complete novel, then writerepparttar 129281 partial, then get an agent and then wait whilerepparttar 129282 agent sellsrepparttar 129283 book. You can follow someone else's rules if you want to. Or you can choose your own route. Do what you intuitively feel is right for you.

=> Three: If it's not working, get feedback from others

You've set your deadline, you've asked forrepparttar 129284 sale repeatedly, but no one's buying.

At this point, I need to tell you that everyone who's ever followed this process for selling their writing has sold their writing beforerepparttar 129285 deadline. So from long experience I know that this process works. If this process hasnít worked for you it means that somewhere you've bumped into a wall, but don't see that is a wall.

You need feedback. Find someone's who's doing what you want to do, and ask them for help. You may need to pay for it, but it will be money well spent, because they'll be able to put you onrepparttar 129286 right track. Don't ask for help from people who have never done what you want to do. If they havenít done it, they may think they know how itís done, but they donít.

After you get your feedback, set yourself another deadline, and then ask forrepparttar 129287 sale until you makerepparttar 129288 sale. Try this simple process: it works.

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