Distance Learning - Offering Freedoms People Never Thought Possible

Written by Paul Beasley

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This effective study pattern is not just for those that need a different 'time' schedule. Distance learning is forrepparttar masses too. The benefits of creating your own schedule simply give peoplerepparttar 123184 ability to get on with their lives and fulfil their education ambitions. People with careers that are established haverepparttar 123185 ability to further themselves without disruption to their lives and their employer's contracts. Most employers will support their employees with training bursaries for these courses because it offers themrepparttar 123186 benefit of utilising their employee's new knowledge during working hours. Emma Jones,repparttar 123187 Director of Hugo Alan, a headhunting business inrepparttar 123188 city of London says:

"Offering employees adequate training programs is beneficial to all involved…"

Caroline Needham offers a different point of view. She writes:

'The questions were alwaysrepparttar 123189 same. Do you have wheelchair access? When I get intorepparttar 123190 building, are there stairs to get torepparttar 123191 classroom on another floor? Do you have elevators? Do you have parking close torepparttar 123192 building?

There are a lot of reasons to dread having to find out about courses to take if you are disabled, and it is not only difficult for those with motor problems. This can affectrepparttar 123193 visually impaired,repparttar 123194 hard of hearing and alike no matter what age they may be.

Distance learning has takenrepparttar 123195 strain out of this experience asrepparttar 123196 learning doesn't accompany any stress. It is a way of gaining a quality education through home study withrepparttar 123197 support of a tutor, and there is no requirement of boxing off certain times in your week for lectures, and no requirement ofrepparttar 123198 stress of travel. Computers have changedrepparttar 123199 structure of most industries, andrepparttar 123200 education industry is no exception. Being able to contact tutors with questions and send in class work throughrepparttar 123201 wonder ofrepparttar 123202 computer has clearedrepparttar 123203 way for people to have their questions answered quickly, and their work graded within hours and days instead of weeks which allowrepparttar 123204 student to continue on with their studies at a pace they are comfortable with. People need more flexibility and quality for their money and ifrepparttar 123205 education industry doesn't step up torepparttar 123206 mark, they will simply fall behind. People have a choice of who they study with these days, and they will go withrepparttar 123207 establishments that offer themrepparttar 123208 flexibility they need, andrepparttar 123209 quality they deserve. I study with Oxford College ODL because they support me and let me do things my way. I am an adult and don't need to be told how to run my life. Distance learning outlinesrepparttar 123210 rules of what has to be adhered to, and letsrepparttar 123211 student make allrepparttar 123212 other decisions which never leavesrepparttar 123213 student withrepparttar 123214 stress of having to change their lives and make usually insurmountable efforts to adhere to rules that are simply there to make life easier not forrepparttar 123215 student, butrepparttar 123216 establishment they are learning with. Distance learning is a modern, responsible, and quality way of learning, and it is definitelyrepparttar 123217 way forward for everybody and not just those with special needs.'

Distance and open learning are slowly becomingrepparttar 123218 biggest recognised option for study byrepparttar 123219 public because of it’s lack of restraints. This option is recognised byrepparttar 123220 British government to be worth offering funding and advancement so much so that they believe it will offer more than fifty percent of students that wouldn’t have studied further than their GCSE level of study a place inrepparttar 123221 next five years. The government sees this as progress inrepparttar 123222 field of education, and offersrepparttar 123223 scheme a great amount of leeway.

Article written by Paul Beasley for the ‘Morning Break’ newspaper March 17th, 2005 edition. For more information on Oxford Distance Learning please see http://www.oxforddistancelearning.com/.

Kids and Computing

Written by Dr. Adnan Ahmed Qureshi

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Remember, helping your child with a computer at home isn't exclusively about using so called `educational software' like they do at school to teach spelling, maths or geography. Parents can often provide more help by encouraging their children to simply use computers more actively and creatively as they are, or will be, used inrepparttar real world and to develop creative study and research skills that will complement and enhance their learning experience at school. To do that, you need to give your kids their best chance possible by getting them a really good multimedia PC.

But to prepare your children forrepparttar 109473 future, you need more than hardware and software. The most important thing is to think about what they do withrepparttar 109474 PC and what you can do to help. Don't worry about starting children too early. As soon as they can control their hands, children will find things to do with a computer.

It's not unusual to see three and four-year old happily working with paint programs and even creating and saving files. In many respects, having a computer at home can help older children with their school work in nearly every subject, just as having books at home helps them with reading and research. And because of its increasingly multimedia and interactive capabilities, a PC can provide a creative focus or outlet for even difficult children with no apparent interest in traditional education.

This concern about `givingrepparttar 109475 kidsrepparttar 109476 best' for their education is an emotion that computer manufacturers are more than happy to exploit, with many of them offering PCs that are hyped asrepparttar 109477 `ideal tool for education'. Then, of course, there'srepparttar 109478 fact that more than a few parents use their kid's education as a way to justify buying a PC so they can play Doom. Butrepparttar 109479 hardware you buy is only halfrepparttar 109480 story and where home computers are concerned,repparttar 109481 bundled software is just as important asrepparttar 109482 hardware.

It used to be that computer manufacturers interpretedrepparttar 109483 phrase `for educational use' as meaning `last year's leftover stock with a copy of Encarta chunked in'. However, asrepparttar 109484 home market has boomed, some manufacturers have come to realize that education has its own needs, and are producing systems that combine powerful hardware with a good range of bundled software with an obvious educational or informative bent.

Dr. Adnan Ahmed Qureshi holds a Ph.D. in IT with specialization in the induction of information technology in developing countries. He is the former Editor of Datalog, Computech, ISAsia and columnist for The News International. At present he is working as Senior Industry Analyst and IT Consultant.

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