Dissension Down On The Cubicle Farm

Written by John J. Alquist

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4. And she says don't forget employers talking about "ethics, a detergent word used time and time again to cleanserepparttar conscience without scrubbing."

Well, what's an employer to do?

1. Remove malcontented employees better suited to be self-employed.

2. Refer dissatisfied employees to network marketing (MLM) self-employment opportunities. Some ofrepparttar 150975 biggest "misfits" inrepparttar 150976 employee ranks becomerepparttar 150977 best entrepreneurs.

3. Conduct in-house meetings to teach remaining employeesrepparttar 150978 threat that outsourcing of jobs to China, India and other countries poses to employers and to employees--motivating them to improve their attitudes, stop whining, and work as a team. 4. Define and remove organizational and procedural stumbling blocks to a job satisfaction. These can require some attitude adjustments inrepparttar 150979 upper management ranks in some cases. 5. Making surerepparttar 150980 business has a Three Year Business Plan--and making sure everyone inrepparttar 150981 company know whererepparttar 150982 Plan is takingrepparttar 150983 company and them--and what their role and responsibility for company success. Remember: cubicle farm folk are restless and negative. 71% are not happy with their jobs. The status quo just doesn't cut it. The unsettling effects of globalism and offshore outsourcing are permanent. So, act today. Do it now!

John J. Alquist is co-owner/co-operator of Alquist Enterprises. His firm promotes self-employment via two network marketing (MLM) opportunities, professional speaking, business consulting, business planning meeting facilitation, and Internet strategy and website development.

He has had 24 years as a senior marketing executive in large banking orrganizations. He started his career as a newspaper feature story writer.

Monitor Your Visibility in Google and Yahoo with these DIY SEO Tools

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

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Discovering Your Site’s Status on MSN http://search.msn.com/docs/siteowner.aspx

Asrepparttar page inrepparttar 150974 help section states, you can use site:www.yoursitehere.com to find out if a document at your site has been indexed. The results page will also give yourepparttar 150975 date of last caching.

Google Rankings http://www.googlerankings.com

You’ll need a free Google API key for this one, andrepparttar 150976 site hasrepparttar 150977 direct link telling you where to get one. You’ll have to enter this key in order to queryrepparttar 150978 site for information on Google.

With Google Rankings, you’ll be able to see where you rank withinrepparttar 150979 top 40-1000 results in Google for a given keyword. I recently noticed that it also displays results for MSN and Yahoo, with links to each search engine.

They also have some other tools that will track your keywords over time, as well as one they callrepparttar 150980 “Ultimate SEO Tool” that will measure your site’s keyword density.

Google Backlinks Checker http://lilengine.com/tools/backlinks-tool.php

LilEngine.com’s Backlink Checker will measurerepparttar 150981 number of links you have pointing back to your site against competing sites. Handy if you just want a quick comparison of how many links you have versus others, though how much getting more links back will help varies, depending on other factors.

Yahoo Search Rankings http://www.yahoosearchrankings.com/

Fromrepparttar 150982 same folks who brought you Google Rankings, using Yahoo Search Rankings, you’ll be able to see where you rank withinrepparttar 150983 top 1000 results in Yahoo for a given keyword. If you just want to see your Yahoo rankings, it’s quite helpful.

You can find more Yahoo tools that userepparttar 150984 Yahoo Web API at their developer’s site : http://developer.yahoo.net/wiki/index.cgi?ApplicationList .

Inrepparttar 150985 next part ofrepparttar 150986 article, we’ll take a closer look at other tools that give you more specific information aboutrepparttar 150987 links pointing back to your site, keyword research, and more.

Tinu is a website promotion specialist who can teach you many do-it-yourself ways to bring more traffic to your site in addition to DIY SEO. Subscribe to her ezine at http://www.freetraffictip.com/thebook/ for more details.

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