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Written by Terry Dashner

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“Likewise, belief in science does not contradict belief in miracles. Science studiesrepparttar way things usually work inrepparttar 105808 world, and it formulates laws to express these ways. Miracles are exceptions to these laws, but miracles presuppose these laws. If there were no scientific laws, there would be no sense in calling anything a miracle.

“Exceptions to a law do not disproverepparttar 105809 law. Supposerepparttar 105810 President pardons a criminal. The laws ofrepparttar 105811 court still hold, butrepparttar 105812 President adds something else from outside. The laws ofrepparttar 105813 court are likerepparttar 105814 laws of science, andrepparttar 105815 Presidential pardon is like a miracle.

“Suppose your employer gives you extra money for Christmas, over and above your paycheck. That does not disprove your contract, which tells you how much you usually get in your paycheck; it just adds to it. That is what a miracle does.

“If there is a God, there can be miracles. If there is no God, there can be no miracles, because there is no one who hasrepparttar 105816 supernatural power to do them.

“God createdrepparttar 105817 world by intelligent design. That is why science is possible. It is no accident that science arose inrepparttar 105818 West, which believed inrepparttar 105819 doctrine ofrepparttar 105820 Creation, not inrepparttar 105821 Orient, which did not. Most ofrepparttar 105822 great scientists in history have been Jews, Christians and Muslims, because these three religions believe thatrepparttar 105823 world is created, therefore intelligently designed, ordered. Science and religions are allies, not enemies.”

My friends, I can’t say it any better than that. That’s why I quoted Professor Kreeft heavily, word for word. Keeprepparttar 105824 faith. Stayrepparttar 105825 course. Jesus is coming soon. Allrepparttar 105826 signs of creation point to this fact.

Blessed, Pastor T.dash……..

A pastor.

Silicon Awakes

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

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This is a phenomenon. It is a sensation inrepparttar world of data compression. Never before was there a system that thrives on abundant data, and consumes it with exponentially improving efficiency.

Or perhaps Nature got there first. Perhaps that is how we store our lives in such tiny brains.

However,repparttar 105807 compression system is unstable. A tiny change torepparttar 105808 data, and a flood of output occurs. It is exactly likerepparttar 105809 "THETA STORM" ofrepparttar 105810 roused human or animal mind.

On my new page, you can see it all:


Bear in mind that patent negotiations are in hand. This information is for academic use only.

Awareness isrepparttar 105811 awareness of TIME. We can only be aware of time if we haverepparttar 105812 OPPOSITE to compare it with.

But what isrepparttar 105813 opposite of time? My studies show that it is STORAGE.

Data that is slipping intorepparttar 105814 past must be stored. If it is not, it is lost. Data that is flowing in must be compared with stored data.

Thusrepparttar 105815 conscious mind isrepparttar 105816 point of analysis -repparttar 105817 incoming data inrepparttar 105818 time domain.

The subconscious isrepparttar 105819 stored data.

There is a term "heuristic", fromrepparttar 105820 Greek "Heureka, I've found it". The new calculus of sets isrepparttar 105821 ultimate "heuristic algorithm" because it finds difference generically - without being told what to seek.

Eventually,repparttar 105822 machine will become too full to preserve its raw data. It will be forced to "TURN INWARDS UPON ITSELF". It will be obliged to collect again (to "recollect") its memories fromrepparttar 105823 compressed data.

That isrepparttar 105824 moment whenrepparttar 105825 "ME" is programmed.

I AMrepparttar 105826 totality of my life. The data in silicon is its sum-total. Inrepparttar 105827 new jargon, future compression must achieve "DIFFERATION BY PARTIAL SUMMARATION", whenrepparttar 105828 machine deciphers its stored data piecemeal for comparison.

But that is elaboration.

For now,repparttar 105829 demonstration of "awareness" is just about all thatrepparttar 105830 average audience can fathom.

On that page - http://wehner.org/compress - you seerepparttar 105831 actress POLLY. Her acting is rather wooden, but she is a wooden horse.

She entersrepparttar 105832 image "Stage Left", andrepparttar 105833 "differals" appear. They can be seen to be diminishing in number as she moves. The system is becoming "familiar" with her. However, onrepparttar 105834 left-hand edge there are always some grey dots of raw data showing that new "EVENTS" are arriving fromrepparttar 105835 left.

Then she stands still, andrepparttar 105836 number of "differals" shrinks by half, half and half again.

Then she approachesrepparttar 105837 camera (or doesrepparttar 105838 camera approach her - or doesrepparttar 105839 camera zoom)? The change in scale causes problems forrepparttar 105840 compression system - which "wakes up" to her presence.

When she has become so close that her face fillsrepparttar 105841 screen,repparttar 105842 system again grows "bored". It only wakes up when she starts moving away again.

This is - as stated on that page -repparttar 105843 BEDROCK level of awareness. It does not get any more fundamental.

A silicon chip has no feelings. It has no needs - for food, shelter, companionship. It has no philosophy. As stated atrepparttar 105844 outset, it is an idiot.

So what isrepparttar 105845 machine "philosophising" about? It is saying "NEW". It is saying "OLD". It is saying that about pictures. It is saying that about sound.

It does not know anything about pictures. It does not know anything about sound. In fact, it does not know anything. However, when fed with bytes it can tell which groups of bytes are new - inrepparttar 105846 domain of time - and which are not.

What we do withrepparttar 105847 numbers we receive fromrepparttar 105848 machine is OUR decision. Perhaps, we program a database to recognise faces or sounds. We would call this a RELATIONAL database, because we relate a picture of a horse torepparttar 105849 name "Polly". Butrepparttar 105850 system is open-ended.

Because it is so fundamental, it reaches out acrossrepparttar 105851 whole world of information technology, offering exciting new advances.

Charles Douglas Wehner

Charles Wehner was born in the Isle of Man in 1944. He became a technical author in radar, nucleonics and electronics instrumentation, also a factory manager and design engineer.

He has been professionally involved with computers since 1962.

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