Displaying Google Adsense in Blogs

Written by George Manty

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Step 3 Insert your GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ code directly followingrepparttar </script> tag that you inserted in Step 2 above.

Step 4 Insertrepparttar 149754 following code afterrepparttar 149755 </script> tag fromrepparttar 149756 GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ code you inserted in step 3 :

<script> if (temp>2) document.write("</div>"); temp++; </script>

Step 5. Save your changes and test it out.

What this does is create a new DIV section in your code that is hidden if it appears more than three times onrepparttar 149757 page. So only three ads will appear on any page. If you use GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ in other places in your blog, then you will need to adjustrepparttar 149758 number "temp" inrepparttar 149759 first step up to display less inline ads. For instance, only two inline ads will appear if you changerepparttar 149760 code to:

<script> var temp=1; </script>

Only one inline ad will appear if you change it to:

<script> var temp=2; </script>

I hope this code helps you to make money online. Feel free to let others know about this trick, just be sure to let them know where you heard about it.

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Should I Make My Own Web Site?

Written by Fred Ost

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That bring us to learning about search engines which is a sceince unto itself. Am I usingrepparttar right keywords? What are my best keywords? Is my keyword density right? The questions are almost limitless, definitely one ofrepparttar 149671 toughest parts ofrepparttar 149672 job.

There are endless tutorials on web site design available online as well as repparttar 149673 tutorials that come with most software packages, sorepparttar 149674 tools to learn to make good web sites and edit photos are there for you as well. But wouldn't you rather be spending your time learning aboutrepparttar 149675 industry you have devoted your life to and making certain every customer that leaves your establishment leaves with a smile? My answer is you bet I would.

I could easily run down to my kitchen every morning and get out my flour and eggs and bake myself a loaf of bread so I can have some toast, but sincerepparttar 149676 bakery does a great job and gives me quality bread at affordable prices,repparttar 149677 baker wins my breakfast order. I've got customers to please!

Fred Ost is a writer, web designer and owner of Pocono Media web design. He is also a founder of, and staff writer at the free independent artits community at http://www.scptv.net. You may use this article for your site as long as the links remain active.

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