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Written by S. Housley

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Using ASP to Display RSS ASP is similar to PHP. The free ASP/ASP.NET scripts can be used to convert RSS feeds into HTML and display on ASP/ASP.NET web-server.

rss2html.asp - ByteScout has implemented a guide for displaying of RSS/XML feed using free RSS2HTML.ASP script in ASP or ASP.NET environment. This script can be used free of charge on any ASP or ASP.NET web-server and generate HTML from RSS feed. This free ASP script uses MSXML to load RSS feed from URL and display it. You can use it as a standalone or call from script on HTML page to generate HTML content from RSS feed and then display on your HTML page. http://bytescout.com/how_to_display_rss_using_asp.html

RssFeed - RssFeed is an open-source custom ASP.NET server control that displaysrepparttar contents of a specified RSS feed in an ASP.NET web page. http://www.scottonwriting.com/sowBlog/RssFeed.htm

If PHP or ASP is used to update feeds,repparttar 131527 website will have free fresh, relevant content each timerepparttar 131528 feeds referenced are updated.

Export RSS to HTML If you wish to dress uprepparttar 131529 feed's appearance you can use a template exportingrepparttar 131530 feed as HTML or an HTML table. Publishers can incorporate exported tables into an HTML template using a server-side include. Each timerepparttar 131531 feed is updated,repparttar 131532 feed will need to be exported to HTML and uploaded along withrepparttar 131533 feed. Though this only takes a few moments, exporting RSS to HTML does require webmaster intervention to updaterepparttar 131534 content. The end result, though, is a complete web page with an RSS feed in it that will be search engine-friendly.

FeedForAll - FeedForAll allows users to export RSS feeds from RSS to HTML. The look ofrepparttar 131535 HTML can be modified to match an existing website's design. http://www.feedforall.com

Using Services There are a number of services available that host and display RSS feeds, in many cases free of charge. Because these services operate on a different domain server there is little benefit to end-users displaying their feeds in this fashion. That said,repparttar 131536 services are generally free of charge, so you get what you pay for.

RSS2HTML.com - Select a layout, color scheme and enterrepparttar 131537 URL ofrepparttar 131538 feed. A web page URL will be generated that will displayrepparttar 131539 feed inrepparttar 131540 selected scheme. http://www.rss2html.com

FeedBurner - FeedBurner provides a number of online services. Among them is a service that displays RSS feeds on a website. http://www.feedburner.com

Using XSL to Display RSS Although using XSL and CSS stylesheets to display XML directly is easy to understand in theory, it is rather tricky to implement inrepparttar 131541 real world and is very tough for novices to use successfully. Webmasters must be fairly familiar with CSS and XSL to haverepparttar 131542 formatting work well, and webmasters then have to address browser incompatibilities and exceptions. As a result, not a lot of resources or services yet exist to display RSS using XSL.

Using highly targeted feeds, webmasters can enhance their websites with themed content. Ultimately, providing relevant, educational or newsworthy information from reputable related sources will establish expertise in a specific area.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll http://www.feedforall.com software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage http://www.notepage.net a wireless text messaging software company.

5 Ways How I Boosted My Google AdSense Earnings By 700%

Written by Mohd Fairuz

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4- I maintain some links to other relevant websites, and I put my AdSense ads atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 131526 links, so that my visitors see them first.

5- I automaterepparttar 131527 insertion of AdSense code into my webpages using SSI (server side included). You'll need to ask your web administrator whether your server supports SSI or not. Here's how to do it. You just putrepparttar 131528 AdSense code in a text file, save it as 'adsense.txt', and upload it torepparttar 131529 root directory of your web server. Next, callrepparttar 131530 code on other pages using SSI.

This trick is really a time saver especially for those who use automatic page generators to generate pages on their website.

Here's a tool I use to generate thousands of pages on my website within seconds: http://www.adsense-insider-secrets.com/page-generator.htm

Try these tips today, and I guarantee your AdSense earnings will improve. For more tips, you can visit my site at: http://www.adsense-insider-secrets.com

Mohd Fairuz maintains a website called AdSense Insider Secrets. On his site, he shares with his visitors free tips, secrets & strategies how he managed to boost his Google AdSense earnings by 700%. Go to his website, and get the tips, free of charge at: http://www.adsense-insider-secrets.com

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