Dislocating the Distractions

Written by Brian Roe

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"Plan, Plan, Plan. It's best to have a clear idea of what needs to get done. Some people arrive at their desk, and kind of meander their way throughrepparttar day without any focus. That wastes time that you don't have.

oFor maximum profits and efficiency, write down allrepparttar 116971 tasks ahead of you. You might want to split them into two lists: priorities and projects. Listrepparttar 116972 most important tasks first, and work your way down. Every evening pick which tasks need to get donerepparttar 116973 next day. Work onrepparttar 116974 priorities first, and if there's extra time, tackle a project.

oThese lists are not set in stone. Emergencies do come up, but knowing what is ahead of you helps you stay focused. Also, crossing off completed tasks creates a great sense of accomplishment, and gives you something to look forward to.

These three easy steps will help you eliminate distractions and propel your business into greater prosperity, but old habits die hard. Commit yourself to makingrepparttar 116975 most of your office and your time, and your productivity and confidence will go up, while your amount of stress goes down. An organized office and a good plan of attack will keep you focused and sane.

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Why You Need Your Own Website

Written by Debra Gravelle

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The only time that you can expect a person (warm blooded) to interact with something cold blooded is that if that person (warm blooded) expects to gain something. Like at an ATM machine. People use tools (cold blooded) to get something, not give something. So, unless your prospect was a lizard (also cold blooded) don’t expect him/her to give you nothing more than a small pittance of their time and even less of their money.

You have been expecting a tool to be warm blooded for you. That kind of scenario can not and will not happen for you inrepparttar real world. In essence, you have murdered yourself in cold blood.

You and your prospect are “Warm Blooded”. And asrepparttar 116970 “Warm Blooded” creatures that we are, we seek out “like warm blooded” creatures that are like ourselves to associate with. And so you would also suspect, warm blooded creatures need nurturing alongrepparttar 116971 way. It is our human nature. We cultivate ourselves on nurturing. Before you would conceder opening your pocket book, wouldn’t you expect some sort of introduction alongrepparttar 116972 way ofrepparttar 116973 individual that you were about to do a financial engagement with? Certainly, you would. You would want to feel comfortable withrepparttar 116974 person you were about to do business with.

Byrepparttar 116975 way of your own web site (the tool), you can properly introduce yourself to your prospect. Then you present your product or services. If your prospect feels comfortable with doing business with you then they will more than likely purchase from you.

I guarantee that if you were to takerepparttar 116976 time to ask any “Super Affiliate” orrepparttar 116977 “Marketing Gurus” at what time did they have a turning point and start to become successful, they would tell you it was when they had created their own site and introduced themselves properly and then introduced their products. And they stuck with it long enough to make their Name familiar to their visitors. I know, because I asked a few of them myself.

In a simple answer to why you need your own website, so that you can gain control of your own destiny. To be able to customize your follow ups with your prospects and to be able to freely communicate with them. To build with your prospectsrepparttar 116978 level of trust that is mandatory for your success. Need I say more?

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