Disincorporate And Decentralize

Written by Ed Howes

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Corporate creatures can hire all things done. When we are finally and gratefully, utterly dependent on folks who mock and despise us, let us cry out with a loud voice, this isn't fair! Let us point our fingers at them and demand satisfaction. Our demands are like spitting intorepparttar wind. Let us congratulate ourselves for voting and protesting and go back to our corporate lives. This is not just what it means to be American these days, it is what it means to be Western and civilized. Do as you are told and don't forget to vote for more, more, more of every good thing. This we call freedom. Your children and grandchildren will too, becauserepparttar 132591 corporate world will "educate" them, as they did you and me. In this they never cease, day nor night. In school, on radio, TV and allrepparttar 132592 major media. Think like this - do like that. And we do.

If we are going to change any of this, we must first change us, which also happens to berepparttar 132593 easiest thing to do. Isn't that a happy coincidence? If we will end our own corporate support and enslavement, it begins with that simple question. How can I? Don't expect to receive answers to questions we refuse to ask. Can I have what I really want outsiderepparttar 132594 corporate world? The answer is yes. You can choose not to buy fromrepparttar 132595 corporate world, or at least buy a lot less of it and used, for starters. Likewise, you can choose not to sell torepparttar 132596 corporate world and forrepparttar 132597 first time, your business will be nobody else's. How much you earn or spend is no one's business but yours. How you earn and on what you spend is also highly personal business that becomes semi publicrepparttar 132598 minute you do business withrepparttar 132599 corporate world. If you work wisely, you can do work you love for more money and less hours than is possible inrepparttar 132600 corporate world. You don't have to buy million dollar ads on TV to sell your products or services to enough people to earn a comfortable living. You have eliminatedrepparttar 132601 hidden costs ofrepparttar 132602 corporate world.

As more ofrepparttar 132603 Western world comes out of Mystery Babylon, of whichrepparttar 132604 World Trade Center was symbolic,repparttar 132605 corporate world fades further in its economic power and influence. Politicians must look elsewhere for campaign financing. We get some relief fromrepparttar 132606 incessant advertising that greases corporate wheels. We separate from a 20th Century machine as we refuse to be cogs in it. The corporate value system is that ofrepparttar 132607 world. It is revealed inrepparttar 132608 Book of Revelation, Chapter 18, asrepparttar 132609 merchandise of Babylon - a long list fromrepparttar 132610 highest value torepparttar 132611 lowest. Atrepparttar 132612 top is gold, followed by silver and precious stones. Atrepparttar 132613 very bottom are slaves, followed byrepparttar 132614 souls of men. Does this value system seem familiar? It should, it is over 3,000 years old. When we reject this value system, we must operate from some other. Can we takerepparttar 132615 least valued thing inrepparttar 132616 Babylonian system and make itrepparttar 132617 most valuable? Let us disincorporate our lives andrepparttar 132618 world.

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Written by Joseph Robert Neil James

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Eighteen months ago, during 2001 - I received an email, offering merepparttar opportunity to earn big money, if I parted with $49. The letter was well written andrepparttar 132589 offer looked tempting I decided to write to him, asking if he would be willing to send me his information, free of charge and said, if it did make me money I would send himrepparttar 132590 first $100 – I made. To my amazement he wrote back by return and said, “you are on, here isrepparttar 132591 link to download allrepparttar 132592 information you will require”. Delighted I spent many hours setting uprepparttar 132593 website templates he sent me. I’ve yet to make any money from his products. If I do, he will receiverepparttar 132594 first $100 - as promised. Providing he contacts me because when I wrote to him three times, to thank him for sending me his information, free of charge, my emails were ignored. The products I promote have not made any money, as yet, although my website is active.

Sending out email is thought to berepparttar 132595 most profitable way of promoting products. Emails being sent out is increasing and people are being encouraged to send out millions of emails each day based onrepparttar 132596 principle that some will be read and attract orders. No doubt they do attract orders but not enough to justify filling inbox’s with unwanted emails. Computers we are and computers we own will ensure that in time we will be less infected with errors. If you want to be less corrupt just be patient and considerate to others. Our computers are only corrupt because we are corrupt. When we sit at a computer we need to recognise that a computer is only as corrupt as it’s programmer.

If you would like to read more of my work - please click or pasterepparttar 132597 link below. The link will take you to an article I wrote titled: “Pendulum Power” and also introduce you to a review and free copy of my eBook titled: “Marriage of Mind and Body”, which has been created in exe and Acrobat Adobe Reader PDF formats.

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Joseph Robert Neil James resides in Warwickshire, England and is an author, husband, father, grand-father, and Great-Grand-Father Having spent many years in the "Direct Mail Advertising" business, whilst living with his wife and four children in Australia - joseph is now retired and enjoys working with his computer and reseaching with a Pendulum.

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