Discovery of Windows XP firewall covert abilities.

Written by Serge Grabo

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Features: Complete usage of Windows XP firewall benefits; Handy application access control onrepparttar desktop; Per-application security zones; One touch security settings for applications; Group security zone management; User-defined zones; Security zone composer;

About XP Firewall Control: XP Firewall Control ( is a free product to extend capabilities of native Windows XP SP2 firewall. XP Firewall Control makesrepparttar 140815 use ofrepparttar 140816 firewall suitable for precise and handy security tuning. Originality of XP Firewall Control consists in new approach to application access manipulation basing onrepparttar 140817 most widespread personal security solution.

About Sphinx Software: Sphinx Software ( is a software development company focused on personal security products ( and flexible software instrumentation for log analysis (

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Using System Restore to save yourself from formatting your hard drive

Written by Guil Tabasa

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If your recovery disk is gone or you didn’t have one then this is what this article is for. Your only savior is to go back torepparttar most recent settings that worked, in other words yesterday’s settings. Microsoft provides an effective way to somehow backup your computer settings and configuration, this is called System Restore. System Restore hasrepparttar 140814 ability to create a restore point wherein every once a week or two depending on how often you install or uninstall updates and programs. The following steps will walk you throughrepparttar 140815 process of setting up your restore point and how to go back if you need it.

Start by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools, and then open System Restore.

Onrepparttar 140816 right side panel it will give you an option to Create Restore point or Restore my computer to an earlier time.

Choose Create Restore Point, and then put your description, hit next then put inrepparttar 140817 date you want to go back to, then hit “Create” and that’s it. You just save yourself on formatting your computer inrepparttar 140818 future.

Guil Tabasa is a consultant for Altertek Solutions ; he has been in the consulting business for more than 7 years now. He has helped small and medium businesses add value to their business that directly contributes to their revenue.

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