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Written by Francoise Rapp

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******** Blend to Experiencerepparttar Present Truth ******** Prepare this blend by pouringrepparttar 123963 essential oils in a 10-oz bottle and then adding organic vegetable oil to fill. Anointrepparttar 123964 third eye, sacrum and solar plexus. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 123965 palm of your hands and inhale deeply:

-9 drops Sandalwood -5 drops Cypress -5 drops Pine -4 drops St-John's Wort

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In Good Health, Francoise Rapp

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Written by Craig Lock

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2. Seek outrepparttar right people (successful and enthusiastic ones who haverepparttar 123962 right attitude). DON'T NEGLECT YOUR OLD FRIENDS TO GET IDEAS; but remember, your potential has nothing to do with your ultimate performance.

3. Select a model to emulate or follow...who you would like to be like? (Only if you are not happy withrepparttar 123963 way you are.)

4. Learn from your mistakes. Daley Thompson,repparttar 123964 former great British athlete inrepparttar 123965 decathlon said... "I will learn morethan any other experience from my failures than my successes ."In his goal setting, Thompson was content to grow slowly, because slow growth is more solid, and he did it in small steps.

Look beyond your mistakes and savour successful experiences. Don't feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your achievements. Make daily affirmations to yourself that you are doing well and are onrepparttar 123966 right track. Reward yourself for minor achievements, or steps onrepparttar 123967 road to your bigger goals. Give yourself credit, no matter how small your achievements, because mental rewards will boost your motivation. All rewards must come from within. This conditioning will cultivate a positive attitude in you. (Just like Pavlov's dogs were conditioned to salivate through association of ideas.) I remember that from my studies in psychology "many many moons" ago.

EXPECT SUCCESS: Look forward to positive outcomes and rehearse them in your mind, rather than anticipating failure. Don't repeat bad experiences-our attitude ties us down and limits us, so that mediocrity becomes our destiny.

5. Makerepparttar 123968 most of any situation you find yourself in. Try not to be anxious. Things will work out inrepparttar 123969 end.

6. Avoid self-pity. Resilient people don't feel sorry for themselves too long. The person who wallows in self-pity or bitterness, spends too much time on introspection and not enough time plotting a comeback.

7. Be persistent. Winning often means getting up one more time than you have been knocked down. Persevere and never give up.

8. Adapt to change and see it as a challenge rather than as uncertain and frightening.

9. Always keep things in perspective. Because our job is such a big part of our self image, a career set-back can make us lose perspective. If you become unemployed, don't see yourself as a failure, but rather as having options and an opportunity to pursue a new direction in your life.

and finally,

10. Believe in yourself, but trust in God .


Craig Lock has written extensively in the field of self help. This extract is from his first published book HANDBOOK TO SURVIVE - a collection of writings on various subjects to help every man or woman survive in a rapidly changing, uncertain world. Creative Writing Course

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