Discover how to attract the help you need to build your Network Marketing Business.

Written by Fernando Soave

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Promise themrepparttar chance to join in creating something bigger and better than has ever been done before. Great men or woman are attracted to great challenges.

5.Give your teammates great freedom.

The greatest men or woman are attracted by a great challenge coupled withrepparttar 122535 promise of great freedom. Promise them freedom : -to plan -to dream -to imagine.

Great freedom generates maximum energy and extracts unbelievable dedication.

6.Make up your mind not to lose a good man or woman once you have him on your team.

Any man or woman you hire will have his weaknesses. Try to strenghten them where they are weak. If that fails, fillrepparttar 122536 gap inrepparttar 122537 job by rearranging and reorganizing.

7.Learn to live with difficult people.

Learn from them and learn to work with them. Some ofrepparttar 122538 people you may need to help solve you problems or develop your dreams may berepparttar 122539 kind of people who are not always easy to go along with. These are people who seem to like to argue. Try to keep your differences with them onrepparttar 122540 plane of disagreement. Try to prevent these disagreements from becoming violent arguments.

Find and hire people who are smarter then you are. Whether your business is building a business empire, your success will be enhanced if you learn how to be a team builder.

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The One Bite At a Time Principle

Written by Albin Dittli

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If you are on a tight budget, don't worry about anything except your first company. Just promote it until you are breaking even. Use your favorite marketing method(s) to introduce people to your program. I'm not going to go intorepparttar different marketing methods in this article, however I have addressed this subject in some of my other articles. You can read them at

When you are at break even in your first program you need to do three things.

First is to continue to promoterepparttar 122534 program. From here on out any new people will put you into profit, and you are on your way to building a residual income in that company.

Second, you need to work withrepparttar 122535 people that you have sponsored. Let them know what you are doing to sponsor members. Answer questions they have, or passrepparttar 122536 questions on to your up line if necessary. Support your people torepparttar 122537 best of your ability. You cannot be truly successful without them also being successful. (Really, you should be doing this starting as soon as a new member joins.)

Third, start looking for your next company. It should meetrepparttar 122538 same criteria as your first company. When you find it, go and join it. Then, add it to your marketing promotions. So now you are marketing two programs. It should be easier to start marketing this second program, as you will have more marketing experience then when you first started.

When you are at break even, startrepparttar 122539 process over again. Keep doing it until you have five or six programs in which you are making money. Byrepparttar 122540 time you haverepparttar 122541 fifth program working good you should be making a fair income onrepparttar 122542 first programs.

Five or six programs are a good number to stop and stay with. At this point devote your time to supporting these programs and youre down line in them. Continue to study marketing. When you find something that works good pass it along to your down line.

You have now established several residual income streams. You did it with a fairly small investment. And is not hard to supportrepparttar 122543 various programs because you built up to where you are gradually. You did it all one bite at a time.

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