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Written by Ted Nicholas

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Run an ad in your local paper, high-lighting those two key words. Other magic phrases to include are "Local business person with excellent track record and reputable history"; start-up business opportunity, limited investment, high potential return"; and "references available."

Magic Phrase #2 -- Receive Free Expert Help for your business. Simply announce "I have a business problem and need expert assistance," either to a local business group (such asrepparttar Chamber of Commerce, which you have in practically every town) or putting an advertisement inrepparttar 102007 business section of your local newspaper. And I've been absolutely delighted withrepparttar 102008 quality of assistance provided to me on several occasions by retired executives. Seek them out in your local area, and you could benefit from this great source of experienced know-how, too.

Magic Phrase #3 -- Get Capable People to Work for Free. Your magic words here are "piece ofrepparttar 102009 action." Instead of paying a fixed salary, run ads offering people one of these options:

* Hourly rate for services rendered * Percentage of sales * Percentage of profits * Royalty on sales * Percentage of savings * Fixed payment for each unit produce

Anyone with a strong entrepreneurial instinct will be attracted by such an approach. It means there will be no limit on their income, they will be more independent, they can set their own hours -- andrepparttar 102010 harder they work,repparttar 102011 more they earn. This is justrepparttar 102012 type of person you should employ.

Assume The Other Person Has Already Said "Yes"

Ask questions which assumerepparttar 102013 end result you seek. For example, speaking with your bank manager about setting up a merchant account, you might ask these questions:

1. "How long does it normally take for a credit card charge to be credited to my account?"

2. "What discount or percentage of credit card sales willrepparttar 102014 bank charge us for your service?"

3. "How long would it take to getrepparttar 102015 service in place?"

4. "What equipment do we need to buy to make it easier for your bank to process our orders?"

Can you see howrepparttar 102016 end result -- having a merchant account so you can processrepparttar 102017 credit card orders - is assumed byrepparttar 102018 very words used in each question?

Magic Words Deliver Power

And this is especially true when you're speaking to yourself. As I said atrepparttar 102019 beginning of this letter, I use affirmations every day -- standing up, looking torepparttar 102020 sky, throwing my hands inrepparttar 102021 air, and shouting out a positive message I need to tell myself.

Yes, I feel ridiculous when I do this too. But that discomfort is justrepparttar 102022 push I need to change my emotional state. The magic words in my affirmations give merepparttar 102023 energy and determination I need to produce my very best work. And I truly believe they'll help you achieve your goals too.

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Just Say "No"

Written by Robert Brents

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Like everything else aboutrepparttar PLORK philosophy, have fun with these!

1. "I'm sorry. Thatís not a priority for me right now."

2. "I can't help you on this now, but I can get to it next week. Would that be okay?"

3. "I have so much on my plate now I don't know when I can get to it. But I do know someone over here who can help you now."

4. "Before I take this on for you, let me show you a few things so that you might be able to do it yourself."

5. "I have made so many commitments to others, it would be unfair to them and you if I took on anything more at this point."

6. "If I can't give you a ride torepparttar 102006 school dance on Friday, how else would you get there safely?"

7. "I don't know how soon I can help you on this, but I will get back to you as soon as I am free to help you."

8. "I'm sure we're close enough that when I say "no" you'll understand itís for a good reason."

9. "Sure I can help you with your request as long as we both agree and understand thatrepparttar 102007 item I agreed to do for you yesterday is going to have to wait."

10. "Before I take this over from you, what do you think we ought to do about it?"

11. "I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, I can do that for you. The bad news is, I'm so overloaded with everything else, I've become delirious and have been lying about my commitments."

12. "When I get overwhelmed like I am now, I remove every third person who asks me for something, from my "Good Friends List" andrepparttar 102008 second person just left."

13. "No."

14. "Thanks for thinking to ask me, but, no thanks."

15. "I would like to help you out on this but I don't have repparttar 102009 resources available to dorepparttar 102010 right job for you."

16. "Now thatísrepparttar 102011 type of thing I would love to help you on if only I hadrepparttar 102012 time."

17. "Just like you, I get overloaded sometimes and have to tell some very special people, "no". This is one of those times."

Best Regards, Robert Brents, "The 80/20 Guy" For your free four-lesson e-seminar, How To Write, Publish, Market & Promote Profitable How-To Manuals, email Copyright 2001 Robert Brents and Blue Gecko Press.

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