Discover These 7 Ezine List Hosting Choices

Written by Maria Marsala

Continued from page 1 Yahoo Groups - When you use this service, you will have, for your readers,repparttar largest number of community building tools for members. These include a chat room, place to upload important files, automatic distribution of files you request, a calendar to send out reminders, and more. Allows you to automatically "subscribe" members who have requested you to subscribe them to your list. Each message usually contains at least one large ad. Bravenet - Limit 500 subscribers per elist although you can set up additional elists on this service. Double opt-in for subscribers only. Easy system allows you to email yourself a copy of your subscriber list. Smart Groups - This is a newer service, very basic, no annoying ads on top. Your elist will contains a calendar that you can use for reminders of classes etc. The only way to delete your elist from this service is to contact smartgroups customer service. Cool List - Newer elist program. Ad is onrepparttar 124338 bottom. Very basic service.

__Paid Services - - Prices start at approx. $20 per month for smaller ezines and end up inrepparttar 124339 thousands of dollars for larger lists. Some have subscriber limits at that price, some offer free trials. Each company offers different services. ~~Topica ep/ ~~Yahoo ~~Constant Contact ~~List Channel ~~Web Valence ~~List Universe ~~Spark-List ~~List Serve ~~Microsoft's B Central ~~Cartville is one of companies that also offers ezine mailing lists along with many of it's shopping cart packages. ~~Comparison chart of ezine hosting companies by Gammadyne ~~elist Directory of companies

NOTE: As a precaution against companies that end up out of business, make surerepparttar 124340 company you choose allows YOU to downloadrepparttar 124341 email addresses of subscribers. Then download your list at least monthly.

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CRYSTAL BALL GAZING : Ezine Publishing Predictions You Can Profit From In 2002

Written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

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Where all other forms of online advertising are losing impact, results from ezine marketing are exploding. If done correctly, an ezine marketing campaign can becomerepparttar most effective - and least expensive - tool for any business. I'm so convinced of this fact that I've even launched a new course called EZINE MARKETING TIPS that delivers a daily tip on intelligent ezine marketing to subscribers by email. More info at


From being vehicles for classified ads and sponsorship messages, ezines will morph into more sophisticated marketing media. Advertorials, product placement ads (like those in Apple's ezine that get me drooling, and then orderingrepparttar 124337 cool new accessories for my Mac that I hadn't ever thought about buying), and withrepparttar 124338 move to Rich Text format,repparttar 124339 web-style multimedia ads will all take ezine advertising to a new plane. Whether or not it will be more productive, we'll have to wait and see.


Some already do. More will in 2002. Creating an ezine from scratch is hard work. Content creation and aggregation services will find a niche to set up and grow. The move to a paid-subscription model will help finance this process.


Overall ezines will be more professionally created, contain useful content and be more valuable to readers. Only serious epublishers will devoterepparttar 124340 time and money required to send out ezines - and they're willing to learn to do it right. Courses like my ebook, EZINE LAUNCH, and wonderful discussion lists on ezine publishing have done their bit to help.

And that's where my crystal ball mists up and gets too cloudy to peer further. But there are two more things that I would like to see happen in 2002. One is as an ezine publisher,repparttar 124341 other as a subscriber.


Selling ad space on ezines is a bugbear for many ezine publishers. Ad networks exist for websites; they represent web advertising space across multiple sites and sell them to large advertisers. It is time someone helps do this for ezines, especiallyrepparttar 124342 smaller ones that are not attractive to advertisers on their own. Ezine Ad Networks are needed badly - NOW !


As a subscriber, I've often wished there was an ezine that would cover all my interest areas and include recent, relevant and essential content about each. Why don't large content portals allow readers to create their own ezine - chooserepparttar 124343 type of content, frequency, interest areas and more? The portal would then deliverrepparttar 124344 custom-made ezine onrepparttar 124345 user's preferred schedule. I'd be willing to pay a fee for this service.

Ok, ok, I'm dreaming.

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian is author of the bestselling ezine creating course, EZINE LAUNCH In just 14 days you can create a 'killer' ezine guaranteed to explode your profits. Get more surefire ezine creating secrets for FREE from Mani's EZINE LAUNCH MONTHLY newsletter at or email Also get a bonus 7-day e-biz primer

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