Discover The Rose Bowl Flea Market In Pasadena California

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

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The best thing aboutrepparttar Rose Bowl Flea Market isrepparttar 145404 hugh variety of items that can be found, there is something for almost everyone. Very few people leave empty handed and many people leave with their cars, SUVs or trucks filled with items, many of which they would not have been able to find anywhere else.

Last but not least, if you have children, do not be afraid to bring them with you. There is plenty for them to see and do and there are plenty of toys, food and other items for sale that will attract and hold their intrest. Althoughrepparttar 145405 place is always crowdedrepparttar 145406 security is excellent, helpful and friendly making this a safe place for you and your children.

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Doing British Things In France

Written by B A Boyle

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Afterrepparttar DIY you might fancy a day atrepparttar 145403 races. The legendary courses are mostly around Paris but elsewhere you will probably not be far from a hippodrome and a great day out. The French love racing; it’s for allrepparttar 145404 family. Often, small rural courses overlook a beautiful chateau or run alongside a picturesque river, even though racing will probably take place on only two or three occasions each year, always on a Sunday or public holiday.

The action begins around midday for those who book a trestle table meal. Later arrivals bring picnic tables, chairs and boxes or baskets full of their own goodies and head forrepparttar 145405 shade ofrepparttar 145406 trees. Those arriving just beforerepparttar 145407 first race, usually about 2.30pm, go straight torepparttar 145408 temporary bar for a liquid lunch and then search out whatever shade is left inrepparttar 145409 quaint little stand.

Placing a bet is easy. You don’t have to be rich either. There are no bookies andrepparttar 145410 minimum amount is 2 euros. You place your bet withrepparttar 145411 pari mutual (likerepparttar 145412 English tote), where a temporary screen shows you howrepparttar 145413 odds are changing.

“Le cinq, deux euros gagnant, s’il vous plait”, will have you betting two euros on horse number five to win. For some reason, horse number one is l’as. I have problems saying this, consequently I never bet on this horse, even if it’s a dead cert!

It’s just as easy to bet that your horse will not win- but it must be placed -hence “place” instead of “gagnant” If you are a really serious punter then there are more complicated, costly and potentially lucrative bets to make. In any event, don’t be surprised to find a horse owned by Sheik Mohammed or evenrepparttar 145414 Aga Khan running alongside horses fromrepparttar 145415 local trainer.

After such a busy day you may be tempted byrepparttar 145416 local thé dansant, (tea dance) or danse de diner, (dinner dance) atrepparttar 145417 salle des fetes, (village hall). Ifrepparttar 145418 waltz or foxtrot is beyond your capabilities then don’t worry. The French do a wonderful dance most ofrepparttar 145419 time, to apparentlyrepparttar 145420 same or similar tune, which goes something like this: hold your partner as you would to a waltz, shuffle a bit torepparttar 145421 right, then shuffle torepparttar 145422 left. Turn your partner around, shuffle some more in any direction you wish, then repeatrepparttar 145423 same , or different shuffles again. It’s a bit like dog-gem cars onrepparttar 145424 dance floor but everyone attempts to look professional and avoid doing each other a serious injury. What’s more they thoroughly enjoy themselves.

You may also find that your local bar owner employs a live band from time to time for your entertainment. What luck for us to find a nostalgia group had been booked to appear in town. It’s great to hearrepparttar 145425 sounds ofrepparttar 145426 sixties again even if it’s sung with a French accent. The bar was packed; feet were tapping and everyone was having a great time until suddenly tables and chairs in front ofrepparttar 145427 group were pushed to one side by intruders to provide a makeshift dance floor. The golden skinned medallion men strutted flamboyantly as they were joined by their mini skirted “mrs” who shook and shimmied in front ofrepparttar 145428 bemused young musicians andrepparttar 145429 disbelieving audience. “Mon Dieu” cried someone, “Is thisrepparttar 145430 Costa del Sol?”

“Quick”, shouted someone else, “grab your coats, if we hurry, we’ll just be in time forrepparttar 145431 last shuffle atrepparttar 145432 salle des fete!”

Someone please prevent us from doing British things TO France.

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