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Written by Karon Thackston

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INCREASES CHANCES OF GOOD SEARCH ENGINE POSITIONING Robin Nobles, ofrepparttar Academy of Web Specialists (, recently wrote an article discussing doorway pages. In it Robin maderepparttar 131145 following comment, 'Since every page is essentially a doorway into your site anyway, concentrate on building content. Now you're giving repparttar 131146 engines just what they want to see these days: content'.

Unfortunately, many Web designers and do-it-yourselfers are not aware ofrepparttar 131147 importance of copy inrepparttar 131148 overall workings of search engines. Without solid content it is almost impossible to get positioned well by search engines. The copy onrepparttar 131149 site must be a delicate balance of repeated keywords and promotional information in order to make sense torepparttar 131150 reader and meet engine criteria. The more times your keywords are presented withinrepparttar 131151 copy,repparttar 131152 greater your chance to receive a position inrepparttar 131153 coveted Top 20. However, overload your copy with keywords and key phrases and you'll find yourself labeled as a spammer and be banned fromrepparttar 131154 engine - permanently!

There are also other factors involved with copy and engine position. The site title and site description must be just as delicately created asrepparttar 131155 body copy in order to obtain high rankings.

Considering these three facts brings a whole new light torepparttar 131156 importance of excellent, well created Web site copy. Before you decide on colors or graphics or photos or design, stop and give due thought torepparttar 131157 copy first. It will pay off inrepparttar 131158 long run!

Karon is Owner and President of KT & Associates who offers targeted copywriting, copy editing & ghostwriting services. Subscribe to KT & Associates' Ezine "Business Essentials" at or visit her site at

Rules for the Worldly Woman Warrior in All of Us

Written by Laurel Delaney

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Inner Strength and The Power of Optimism

A dear friend of mine dated a man she was crazy about for five years. She confessed to me that she shared her secrets and her soul with him. She had trusted beyond belief. When it came time forrepparttar big one -- commitment -- he lookedrepparttar 131143 other way. Why? Because that day, he didnít likerepparttar 131144 weather. My reaction? I thought it was a wonderful stroke of luck for her. Had he maderepparttar 131145 commitment she thought she was ready for, she would have gone off intorepparttar 131146 sunset with him and settled for someone who was nowhere near her equal. This strength and ability to pull on optimism in what seemed like a very dark moment carried her through torepparttar 131147 point of looking at new possibilities in a whole new light. A light that shined a bright new future on her.

The whole incident became a meaningful signal to redirect her life. And she did. Sometimes, not getting what you want can make you fearless in getting what you need. Furthermore, a disaster that blindsides us typically provides a moment to rid ourselves of all our mistakes and begin anew. Donít let emotions cloud your judgment. Itís clear this friend of mine is not one ofrepparttar 131148 good girls. With optimism like this, she will pull ahead. Sheís a bad girl.

To Compromise or Not to Compromise?

Make a shameful or disreputable concession? Awe, come now, do you want to remain a good girl? Go ahead. Us bad girls will ride our Harleys full-throttle and leave you inrepparttar 131149 dust, because a concession isrepparttar 131150 same as a compromise. And with too many compromises, you lose focus.

Inrepparttar 131151 line of fire, never compromise. Good girls compromise. Bad girls donít. So you wanna be a Ďsexyí brain surgeon? Get started. Stick to your guns. Know what you want. Have a clear mental picture of your target. Then fire. Eliminaterepparttar 131152 getting ready and aiming part. Thatís tedious. Besides, who hasrepparttar 131153 time? If you miss your target, fire again. The point is to just keep firing until you get what you want. Stay on course with your conviction and vision. Itís so very simple, you boring good girls. Why canít you listen to us bad girls?

And, for all you bad girls, if you absolutely must compromise -- go ahead -- but remember whoís in charge: YOU. Donít sacrifice your soul, for your soul carries you through to your destiny. Did you get that? Soul. Pure. Simple. Lock it up. Throw awayrepparttar 131154 key. Itís yours, and only yours, for keeps.

Donít Sit onrepparttar 131155 Sidelines -- Feel Good About Yourself and Get Out There

How can you possibly conquerrepparttar 131156 world if you donít feel good about yourself? Overcomerepparttar 131157 urge to sit back onrepparttar 131158 sidelines and be a good-girl, just observing because youíre afraid to say whatís on your mind. Donít worry about sayingrepparttar 131159 wrong thing. Whatís a wrong thing? And, who said so? Do you care?

Also, be willing to fail. Know itís a possibility. Look it inrepparttar 131160 eye. Conquer it. And then, move on. Inrepparttar 131161 process, figure yourself out because that is your single greatest gift and most powerful lifeforce. Grow or get lost. And if you should decide to drop out or disappear, even for a moment, thereís no chance you will ever become a true leader. Fight with all your might to be and promote your real self. Exude confidence and dare to be different. Always. Constantly. No variance. Be a bad girl.

Relishing Risk

One good girlís timidity is another bad girlís big win, but that victory will not come unless a calculated risk is involved. True risk -- that sudden leap intorepparttar 131162 unknown -- can carry you into a state of nirvana. Do whatís unconventional, disconcerting or unexpected. Take a chance. Take a risk. And keep taking them -- thatís how you learn, grow, rediscover and develop. Bad girls who are creative, innovative, transformative, experimental and visionary absolutely take risks in order to earn their much-deserved rewards. Strive everyday to do OOT -- one outrageous thing. If you feel perspiration beading high on your forehead, then you know youíre onto OOT. Be eager to test what works. The whole point is to take yourself in a new direction and succeed.

Thrive [or Die], You Bad Girl!

Create your own opportunities. Explore and make your deepest BIG dreams become a reality. Even if you lack support, embrace who you are. Own, honor, utilize and validate your innate gifts. Pay attention to your integrity and go out there and unfold your destiny that flows from character and live a life filled with surprises. Move fast. Haverepparttar 131163 fury ofrepparttar 131164 wind behind you. Create a sense of urgency. Use your gifts to achieve success. Soar to greatness. Set yourself up to survive at an optimum level in your life and enjoy your exciting and rewarding journey to mastering your own life. Be a bad girl.

Laurel Delaney, at ldelaney@globetrade. She runs a Chicago-based global marketing, consulting and web content providing company aimed toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. She serves as Director of International Development for, a global funding community that facilitates education and interaction between entrepreneurs and investors. Visit her temporary web site at:

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