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Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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I userepparttar world submitter facility. This not only includes a free submission to Yahoo and Google but a whole lot more. Here if you want to avoidrepparttar 128164 FFA sites they include in their free submission (this gives you a lot of junk mail that may get your email account down)- you may upgrade for a very small fee and userepparttar 128165 search engine submission only- well worthrepparttar 128166 try... 3. About 8 weeks later hand submit your site to Google ...Here you just need to fill in your web site address and click submit at 4. Another 6-8 weeks and go back to world submitter– keep repeatingrepparttar 128167 cycle. 5. Go Viral – This is an absolute must –repparttar 128168 true potential here yet remains to be realized. Those of you who have been overlooking this powerful cheap advertising tactic right under your nose – My God... JUMP IN RIGHT NOW!

This way you spread your links both horizontally and vertically. Your link popularity will increase andrepparttar 128169 search engines will find you through other sites linking to you. How you do this:

- Write articles- these invariably get published and your links start floating around. One of my articles published on another site is ranking No.5 on Yahoo right now. - The second most effective technique is to give away your own viral ebooks – these will serve not only as your very own ebusiness cards but also help spread your links. And you can be assured of free highly targeted traffic for a long time to come.

Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter committed to finding cheap practical marketing solutions. She is also a strong advocate of viral marketing and a believer in subconscious power. Her ebooks and articles are freely available at


Written by David Callan

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Basically what I'm saying here is that ifrepparttar title you are submitting (i.e.. Your official business or website name) is alphabetically very high. Then you'd want to compromise between a lower level very specific keyword rich category and an upper level more general category inrepparttar 128163 hope that you'd receive more visitors because you would be listed high onrepparttar 128164 page due to your alphabetically high title.

Personally I'd try to get intorepparttar 128165 most general category possible on all occasions and rely onrepparttar 128166 keywords in my title, URL, and description to get a good ranking in search results.

As forrepparttar 128167 title Yahoo insists that you use your official business or website name when applying to them, if you submit some keyword rich title they wont even look twice at your application. You should take this into account when choosing a domain name/official website name.

I did - AKA Marketing - 'A' is useful in getting listed high in general categories as discussed earlier, because AKA is an abbreviation I can 'get away' with having AKA all caps which again helps withrepparttar 128168 category strategy. Also it includes a good keyword - Marketing and they cant accuse me of applying to them with a keyword rich title, can they?.

Yahoo favors short titles, this stems fromrepparttar 128169 fact thatrepparttar 128170 shorterrepparttar 128171 title isrepparttar 128172 less likely they will be to edit it. Which means less work for them. However if you followrepparttar 128173 above guidelines and indeed Yahoo's own onsite guidelines chances are you wont get edited down.

The description part I think isrepparttar 128174 tricky part. The Web site description posted with your URL is a big factor in how your site will rank once it's listed inrepparttar 128175 directory.

You have to submit a description which has your main keywords in it, and make it sound very appealing to potential visitors atrepparttar 128176 same time, however you can't have anything that resembles hype and bragging, for example - number 1 site onrepparttar 128177 net for ..... The best onrepparttar 128178 web for .. . . ...

Again Yahoo will either edit it to something which doesn't benefit you at all or just move on torepparttar 128179 next application (most likely). If they do edit it you can bet your keywords won't appear inrepparttar 128180 final listing, for these reasons it is important to get it right first time.

The description should be concise and based on facts, most importantly it should include your most important keywords whenever possible. Do not exaggerate what is located on your site. Remember your site gets reviewed by a real person and inrepparttar 128181 end, your site will not get listed, simple as that

The length ofrepparttar 128182 description should be about 10 - 15 words. Note however onrepparttar 128183 Yahoo submittal form, they say 25 isrepparttar 128184 maximum, never go near this number, they are sure to edit it, a mess with your keywords. Refer to Yahoo's own words "Please be brief".

SIDENOTE Sometimes people email me asking this question ''does my title and description that I submit to Yahoo have to berepparttar 128185 same asrepparttar 128186 meta description tag and title tag on my site''. Simple answer, NO!

We have already discussed most ofrepparttar 128187 issues regarding domain name choice and Yahoo above, however there are others, most notablerepparttar 128188 whole 63 character thing, this allows for very long keyword rich domain names,if you decide to pursue this strategy, don't go mad and use up nearly all 63 characters because Yahoo reviewers wont like it, however do use long domain names to your advantage. Get ones with your main keyphrase in it, and have these words separated by hyphens ( - ) because Yahoo's algorithm like hyphens it may give you a rankings boost. Also remember to try for alphabetically high domains, which are plausible and make sense. If you can that is.

Some experts questionrepparttar 128189 merit of keyword rich domains as a way of gaining an advantage over other sites in Yahoo, however I have seen this strategy in action and it does give advantage, most ofrepparttar 128190 time it's only a slight advantage but we're talking about Yahoo here, a small advantage can mean a lot more visitors. To see why I believe in keyword rich domains, go to and enter in ''linking strategies''. WHAT SITE COMES UP! . That was a very good example wasn't it :-)

Other tips for Yahoo is to have an about us page on you main page - Yahoo likes to know who it's dealing with. On this page describe what you do honestly and also postrepparttar 128191 physical address of your business/building your website is run from.

IMPORTANT Don't under any circumstances spam Yahoo, it they notice your submitting your site more than every 2 or 3 months they will just forget about you and more on.

Well that's it - Good luck in your quest for Yahoo success ---------------------------------- Article by David Callan David isrepparttar 128192 webmaster of Visit his site for free internet marketing articles, advice, ebooks and more.

Article by David Callan David is the webmaster of Visit his site for free internet marketing articles, advice, news, ebooks and more.

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