Discover Hidden Profits in "Spare Change" Time

Written by Jim Edwards

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Take this "one-day challenge".

Today, try these alternatives to sitting and watchingrepparttar "hourglass" on your monitor while waiting for your computer to finish a task!

~ Organize your desk ~ Sharpen your pencils ~ Make a quick phone call ~ Check your "to-do" list; if you don't have a "to-do" list make one ~ Write a fast note to a friend ~ Put in a load of laundry ~ Go torepparttar 147840 bathroom ~ Get another cup of coffee ~ Pay a bill ~ Catch up your checkbook entries ~ Pick up your office ~ Brainstorm an idea ~ Stand up and stretch ~ Day-dream for about a happy thought for 90 seconds!

Carefully watch how much time you spend in front ofrepparttar 147841 computer waiting for it to do something and then see how many things you can accomplish with that time.

Nothing could reward you more than developing a consciousness about how you spend those spare moments that add up to enough time to write a book, take a trip with your family or take positive actions that will change your life forever.

Use your "spare change" time to accomplishrepparttar 147842 things you claim you never find time to finish! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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Dealing with Digital Disease

Written by Sean Felker

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So be careful with what you download. Read product reviews and find out if other people got headaches from using it.

• Visiting ad-heavy sites

If you visit a site and you’re immediately bombarded with pop-up ads, leave immediately. You might click on an ad that activates an automatic download of malicious software to your computer.

Here is a list of activities which you should be doing instead:

• Invest in good antivirus software. Going online withoutrepparttar protection of antivirus software is like going out naked inrepparttar 147839 snow. That’s just how vulnerable an unprotected computer is.

• Most antivirus software packages include an internet security program (also known as firewall). A firewall acts as a barricade between you and unwanted content fromrepparttar 147840 internet. When buying antivirus software, it’s better to shell out forrepparttar 147841 internet security as well.

• Once antivirus software is installed in your computer, keep it updated always so it can recognize and remove newly released viruses.

• Whatever browser you are using, check that its security settings are all in default unless you really know what you are doing.

• Periodically delete files that you no longer use.

• Download spyware- and adware-removal tools and run them at least once a week. Be warned that many of these removal programs are a scam, so make sure that what you download is reliable. You can easily search for product reviews to check ifrepparttar 147842 program is legitimate or otherwise.

• Back up all your important files allrepparttar 147843 time.

• If possible, have two computers at home. One will be used to connect torepparttar 147844 internet, andrepparttar 147845 other should not be connected at all.

The second computer will act as storage of all your important files so that even ifrepparttar 147846 first one crashes, your life won’t be in ruins.

Don’t be dependent on removal tools and antivirus software packages, though.

Sean Felker is the publisher of the very successful and popular Work at Home and Making Money on the Internet blog:

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