Discover 7 Powerful Ways To Grab Free Advertising

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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5. Freebie Directories 6. Business Directories-

Almost every country has itís own online business directories or yellow pages where you can usually get listed for a small fee and even get a top listing easily.

7. Specialized subject directories-

Women, beauty, textiles, medicine, hotels, tourism etc... You namerepparttar subject/niche of your business and there is a directory for it - You just need to ferret it out. Userepparttar 101011 search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc.

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Advertising Dilemma: Try Junk and Chunk

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

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The key is building a downline. Spend some time getting signups and downrepparttar road you will start benefiting fromrepparttar 101010 efforts of others.

You also must know that to make this traffic pay off for you,repparttar 101011 visitors you get from these exchanges must be treated different. This traffic is less targeted and many ofrepparttar 101012 visitors are just there to earn traffic for their own site.

So, you must take a total different approach to making this traffic useful.

You can find a detailed article about this at:

There are also a number of other ways to generate traffic. Some of those are, exit exchanges, FFA pages and Links pages.

Some people swear by some of these methods while others say they are useless. I would suggest, you try them for yourself and find out.

One ofrepparttar 101013 keys to a lot ofrepparttar 101014 programs, is to get in early. If you join early, it is much easier to build a downline and get others to start generating traffic for you.

A couple of days ago, I ran across a new program with a completely different twist.

The name of it is Free Traffic Boost.

I likerepparttar 101015 concept and it is new, so you might want to check it out:

So how much time do you spend advertising?

I don't think there is ever enough time to advertise as much as we want.

So my best advice, try as many methods as you possibly can. Find what is proving to give yourepparttar 101016 best results, then concentrate more time in those areas.

A friend of mine calls itrepparttar 101017 Junk and Chunk method.

His description: Tryrepparttar 101018 junk, if it don't work chunk it.

You have to wonder about a mind that thinks like that. :o)

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