Discount Promotional Items - How to Save Money

Written by Cindy Carrera

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DO IT YOURSELF Another great way to cut down onrepparttar cost of promotional items is to do it yourself. Many times when placing an order, you will have to pay a set-up fee forrepparttar 145077 printing (usually a one-time fee), then pay forrepparttar 145078 actual printing and of courserepparttar 145079 items. But perhaps you can do part of this yourself. If you are working with a local printer, you could possibly providerepparttar 145080 items yourself to be printed. For example, if you see a great close-out deal on t-shirts or plain coffee mugs at one of those warehouse stores, you could get a great bargain- much cheaper than buying them fromrepparttar 145081 printer. So, you will only have to payrepparttar 145082 printer forrepparttar 145083 cost of printing and not forrepparttar 145084 items.

BE LOYAL One ofrepparttar 145085 ideas we listed above was to put promotional companies against one another to drive down your cost. However, staying withrepparttar 145086 same company can also save you money. Many times there is a one-time set-up cost, especially with making screens for t-shirts. If you keep changing companies, that fee will always be added. As long as your logo staysrepparttar 145087 same, you will never have to pay that fee again atrepparttar 145088 same company, which could have you hundreds. In addition, many companies will throw their loyal customers a bone every now and then. Keep that in mind.

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What Has Networking Got To Do With Joint Ventures?

Written by Habiba Abubakar

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Here are ten places to start with, on your networking journey to lucrative joint venture partnerships:

1.Live Seminars and Conferences 2.Breakfast Meeting Groups

3.Trade Shows and Exhibitions

4.Membership Associations

5.Introductions made through your business associates and vendors

6.Online discussion groups and forums within your industry

7.Live Training Courses

8.On Your Travels e.g. onrepparttar airplane or train

9.Interactive TeleSeminars and TeleBootcamps

10. Other Networking Events e.g. at business parties

The size and quality of your network determines your income. The more valuable contacts you have in your network,repparttar 145076 more lucrative your joint venture projects would be. Build a profitable network, and increasing your net worth would be easier than you think.

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