Discontentment in the Workplace

Written by David Richter

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A transformation is needed inrepparttar way employers view (and respect) their employees, and inrepparttar 149332 shaping of world events, for change in employee frustration to occur. A prevailing reason many people decide to go into business for themselves is because this transformation has not yet occurred. Despiterepparttar 149333 problems inherent in entrepreneurship and lingering world tensions, being able to express your creativity torepparttar 149334 fullest and having greater control of your destiny speaks well torepparttar 149335 self-employed scenario.

We should not give up looking for ways to mitigate employee frustration. The larger effort can engage us inrepparttar 149336 process of relating to one another with greater respect, trust and honor. Then we can beginrepparttar 149337 transformation in our professional and private lives to that which is profound and wonderful.

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David Richter is a recognized authority in career coaching. His extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years in recruitment, outplacement and career management has allowed David to formulate powerful strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers. David holds Masters in both Engineering and Counseling Psychology. Visit: http://www.procareercoach.com

Avoid the 11 Costly Mistakes Career-Seekers Make

Written by Bill Dueease

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Step # 7 Discover your true talents

The most productive and enjoyable position for you isrepparttar one that comes naturally and is easier to do because it fits your talents and skill levels. You will enjoy working, be much more productive, and generate more quality results when you maximizerepparttar 149284 use of your talents at work. Your increased productivity and higher quality results will attract greater rewards to you.

Step # 8 Create or findrepparttar 149285 positionrepparttar 149286 matches you

Unfortunately, many people who actually know what their ideal income positions really are choose not to pursue them. Either they feel guilty pursuing them, or they feel that they are unattainable, or more frequently they do not know how to get them. You want to find or createrepparttar 149287 position that will allow you to fulfill your passions, desires, values and talents. Now you can createrepparttar 149288 position to suit you, instead of taking a position and adjusting to it.

Step #9 Get help fromrepparttar 149289 right person

People are led to believe that they can easily look within themselves and discover themselves on their own. Self-help books and assessment tests claim that readingrepparttar 149290 books or takingrepparttar 149291 tests will reveal all you need to get your ideal career. Yet, both methods fall very short of actually getting torepparttar 149292 truth. Discovering what you really want, what your true talents or values are is not a self-help process.

We humans cannot see our face without using a mirror or a photographic image. Just as you must look into a mirror to see what you really look like, you must have another person act as your objective mirror to see what you really want to do and be in life.

Your other-person-mirror must be totally devoted to you and must be able to actively assist you in seeing within, where you may have been reluctant to look before. They must provide you an objective, non-critical mirror. Seek out and get someone to be your objective mirror to discoverrepparttar 149293 truths about yourself, to find or create your ideal position. Career coaches are trained, motivated and focused on assisting you in becoming “The Worlds Leading Expert on You.”

Step # 10 Go afterrepparttar 149294 position that best suits YOU

Devise a program to attain your very distinct target positions. You will not be trying to “get a job” like so many others. You will be able to focus on getting a very specific income positions. You will not waste time, money, effort or emotional energy on pursuing unwanted position. You will want to recruit your ideal positions, even if they appear not to be available. Why? Because you have now become an extremely valuable and in essence, very marketable source of productivity. You will be very surprised how easy it is to actually getrepparttar 149295 position you love. Bosses prefer people who are enthusiastic about a job because they love it, and customers are easily attracted to professionals or business owners who love their work.

Step # 11 Recognize that your career wants and needs will change

Many people think that because they finally foundrepparttar 149296 position they are passionate about, that they will want to stay in it forever. The position that is ideal today will probably not be ideal in a couple of years. Why? Because your passions, desires, priorities and needs will most likely change with time. Your values, or at least your understanding of your values might also change. As they change, your ideal career positions will also change. You will want to continually keep a pulse on yourself to determine your new priorities to reshape your career positions to what is important to you in each stage of your life.

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