Disability Scooters and Stairlifts for our old age - help and advice

Written by malcolm james pugh

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There are few modern firms I can wholeheartedly endorse, however, pleasantly, Magbility are a welcome exception torepparttar general rule, and a credit to their profession.

Ring 01527 8377076

Ask for Mike.


or http://www.searchoptimizationengine.com/stairliftswheelchairsdisabilitybirminghamukdisabledscooters.htm

computer ex systems programmer aged 53.

The Elusive Butterfly of Happiness

Written by Barbara White

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Happiness comes from within. The inner contentment that survivesrepparttar roller coaster ride of life has its roots deep within our being. The source of happiness comes from finding and embracing who we are as a person, and living a life of purpose. We need to find peace in every aspect of our life-repparttar 144277 physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To discover acceptance, purpose and peace in all of these areas will give a sense of completion in life. If we neglect any one of these areas, we experience a sense of emptiness and feel something is missing. There is not a solid foundation for building happiness within, but we then, typically start to try to fill this incompleteness by looking for outside solutions. That isrepparttar 144278 point when we can fall intorepparttar 144279 ‘elusive butterfly’ syndrome, and experience such frustration.

Is happiness an elusive butterfly for you? Spend some time in quiet reflection. Are you neglecting one ofrepparttar 144280 four important parts of who you are and experiencing a sense of emptiness within? The more you discover, embrace and accept your uniqueness and purpose,repparttar 144281 more you will experiencerepparttar 144282 butterfly of happiness alighting on your shoulder.

Barbara White of ,Beyond Better Development, speaks and writes with a passion to empower others to live life fully. This article is extracted from her newsletter “Growing Beyond Better. To subscribe to her newsletter, or read other articles visit www.livingbeyondbetter.com For more on this topic read Barbara’s E book “Discovering and Celebrating Your Uniqueness” Click here http://www.livingbeyondbetter.com/discovering-your-uniqueness.html

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