Disability Scooters and Stairlifts for our old age - help and advice

Written by malcolm james pugh

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There are few modern firms I can wholeheartedly endorse, however, pleasantly, Magbility are a welcome exception torepparttar general rule, and a credit to their profession.

Ring 01527 8377076

Ask for Mike.


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Baby Monitor Technology and Buyers Guide

Written by Sarah Cooke

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A recent innovation - these monitors let you see and hear your baby. This gives obvious added benefits such as seeing if

your baby has come out of their blanket, or if they are sleeping in an awkward position etc. However, these baby monitor

may also be useful for older children so you can remotely check on them if they are playing by themselves in another room. The range of audio/visual baby monitors can be limited by your house layout. If your house has normal partition (or stud)

walls thenrepparttar range will be aroundrepparttar 144308 quoted 30m. However, if you live in an old house with solid internal wallsrepparttar 144309

range will be reduced - especially ifrepparttar 144310 signal has to pass through several walls. This will not apply when you are

directly below or above a nursery asrepparttar 144311 signal only has to pass through a wooden floor (or floors) and should therefore be


AudioVisual Baby Monitors - Things to look for:

•Night vision - sounds obvious but some come without it! This is essential for night time viewing. All our

audiovisual baby monitors come with night vision. •Number of channels - helps in findingrepparttar 144312 best channel but can also enable you to add extra cameras later. •Standby mode - if you have a portable parent unitrepparttar 144313 screen can be draining onrepparttar 144314 battery. Some units such asrepparttar 144315

Tranwo Gigaair automatically come out of standby

mode if you baby makes a noise.

Sensor Baby Monitors

Also called respiratory baby monitors these monitors consist of sensitive pads that go underneath your baby's mattress.

Duringrepparttar 144316 first year of life, infants can experience irregular breathing patterns or even stop breathing completely. These monitors can alert when your baby's breathing changes due to a cold, high fever, or other illness. The href="http://www.MonitorMyBaby.co.uk/Products/babysense.html" rel="nofollow">Babysense II will continually detect your baby's motion

and breathing movements, and set off a sound and visual alarm if breathing movements ceases for over 20 seconds or ifrepparttar 144317

breathing rate slows to below 10 breaths per minute.

REMEMBER, a sensor baby monitor is an added precaution and safeguard which can help peace of mind but it must be combined

withrepparttar 144318 important recommendations of "Safe Sleeping" (sleeping onrepparttar 144319 back, not overheating of baby's room, not smoking

aroundrepparttar 144320 baby).

Sensor Baby Monitors - things to look for

•Certifications -repparttar 144321 Babysense II is currently

the only Household Movement Monitor to carry complete CE registration as a Medical Device and to comply with 93/42/EEC

Medical device Directive. •Mattress type - some sensor baby monitors will not work properly with a spring mattress •Mattress thickness - check your mattress thickness. Some are certified for thicknesses up to 12cm and some for

thicknesses up to 14cm. •Mattress base - sensor monitors work best on a flat base. This should be no problem with a cot, however, if used in

a Moses basket you are advised to putrepparttar 144322 basket on a flat base.

Sarah Cooke. Mother of two and Director of MonitorMyBaby - Baby monitor specialists a site specialising in all types of baby monitor.

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