Dirty Little Computer Viruses and How To Protect Yourself

Written by Dan Preston

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•If using floppy disks to transfer data make sure to format them before using them forrepparttar first time.

•Never use pirated software. This is both illegal and a very good way to invite an unwanted computer virus.

•When downloading software fromrepparttar 140707 internet do so as little as possible. There are many neat programs available onrepparttar 140708 internet, but unfortunately there are many viruses that go along with them also.

•If you must download programs fromrepparttar 140709 internet ALWAYS scan them for viruses BEFORE opening them up to install on your computer.

•Probablyrepparttar 140710 most important and neglected method of disaster recovery are periodic backups of all important files found on your computer. Should a virus happen to get through your lines of defense you may need to replacerepparttar 140711 virus corrupted files with fresh ones that have been kept for such an occasion.

Finally, it is not guaranteed that if you followrepparttar 140712 above steps that you will not berepparttar 140713 victim of a computer virus, but you can sure bet that if followed you will greatly reducerepparttar 140714 chance of being an unsuspecting recipient of such an unwanted program.

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Some Computer Forensics Basics

Written by Allen Butler

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Deleted data is data that has not been saved onrepparttar computer or has been deleted fromrepparttar 140575 computer. You can't access this information just through normal use ofrepparttar 140576 computer. It requires special software or special methods to go intorepparttar 140577 hard drive and look at it. When a file is deleted from a computer, it isn't actually removed fromrepparttar 140578 hard drive. The file is kept inrepparttar 140579 same place as it always was. What is really happening is thatrepparttar 140580 computer is being told that this file does not exist, and it will act as if it doesn't. You can't look atrepparttar 140581 file if you are just looking throughrepparttar 140582 saved data, becauserepparttar 140583 computer doesn't see it as saved data. However, if you skip over whatrepparttar 140584 computer thinks aboutrepparttar 140585 data, and only look atrepparttar 140586 raw data, you will be able to seerepparttar 140587 file still there. There are some difficulties with this, though. Becauserepparttar 140588 computer doesn't think thatrepparttar 140589 file is there any more, it has no problem putting new data whererepparttar 140590 deleted data was. If this happens thenrepparttar 140591 file will be erased and you will no longer be able to look at it. Sometimesrepparttar 140592 new data doesn't completely write overrepparttar 140593 deleted data though, and an investigator can sometimes still see traces ofrepparttar 140594 deleted data onrepparttar 140595 hard drive. It is similar to when you tape over an old VHS tape, sometimesrepparttar 140596 old show or whatever you had taped before will pop up every now and then becauserepparttar 140597 new taping isn't total. These traces can giverepparttar 140598 investigator an idea of whatrepparttar 140599 computer user had deleted, and can sometimes give cues as to why it was deleted. - Computer Forensics Growing As computers continue to become more important in America, computer forensics will continue to grow as well. Looking at data can lead to information that would never be found through other methods of investigation, and it proves very useful in a number of different criminal cases.

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