Dirt Bike Crashes

Written by Andrew Green

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Itís been said that there are only two types of racer; those that have been down and those that are going to go down. It really is inevitable, so make sure youíre as protected as you can be when it happens. Many professional riders can list numerous broken bones and some nasty dirt rash as part of their credentials but they keep getting back onrepparttar bike for more. They truly are adrenalin junkies.

Dirt bike crashes can happen at any speed and at any time, whether you are just setting off and hardly moving, in full flight and getting air or at full throttle downrepparttar 149002 straight. You could hit a bump, clip tyres with another rider or simply lose control. Dirt isnít even and even withrepparttar 149003 specialist tyres you arenít always guaranteed a safe ride.

Enjoy dirt bike racing and be prepared forrepparttar 149004 fact that if you havenít already then you will experience a dirt bike crash before your time is up. Be prepared and be protected, as this will meanrepparttar 149005 difference between cuts and bruises and serious injury.

Dirt Bikes HQ, http://www.dirtbikeshq.com/, for lots of information about dirt biking.

Make a dried flower wall decoration

Written by Janice Wee

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Forrepparttar frame, cut outrepparttar 148960 inside ofrepparttar 148961 frame so you just haverepparttar 148962 outer frame intact. Now gluerepparttar 148963 outer frame torepparttar 148964 backing.

Your half bowl will berepparttar 148965 flower basket. Glue that flower basket torepparttar 148966 backing ofrepparttar 148967 frame, with plenty of space aboverepparttar 148968 bowl for your dried flowers. Wait forrepparttar 148969 glue to set.

Gluerepparttar 148970 florist foam torepparttar 148971 inside of your flower basket. Wait forrepparttar 148972 glue to set.

Then arrange your dried flowers intorepparttar 148973 flower basket, securingrepparttar 148974 flowers intorepparttar 148975 florist foam.

You're done. Hang up your dried flower wall hanging for everyone to see.

Here is another project using dried flowers

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