Direct Talk On What Produces Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

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opportunities to make your business unique, offer a better price on a known product, or create a better product. Hey, this is what we all expect. That isrepparttar way businesses in competitive markets run. The Internet is an EXTREMELY Competitive Market. You've seen allrepparttar 127451 claims about how many people are marketing online. You've seen them used as an example of how big your market can be. Well, guess what? That's also how big your COMPETITION will be! What makes you think you can simply click your way into an affiliate program, slap out one ad, and wind up with a six figure residual income you can go play on forrepparttar 127452 rest of your life? Oh yeah, allrepparttar 127453 ads that said you could, huh? Well, guess what? People LIE onrepparttar 127454 Internet. Yes, I'd dare say 95% ofrepparttar 127455 ads you see claiming you can make a six figure income are posted by people NOT making a six figure income. Does this mean it's impossible? No! The Internet is a place of great opportunity. There are huge numbers willing to buy from you WHEN you offer whatever it is those huge numbers believe will be beneficial to them. That is THE KEY to sales. You MUST offer something of unique worth that will benefit your buyers. From there you can learn how to get traffic to your site. From there you can learn how to write effective sales copy. From there you can learn how to retain customers and get repeat sales. Until you have that desirable, beneficial, UNIQUE product, service, group of products, or presentation of products, however, sales will not happen. That's not to say you can't make any money with affiliate programs, but what is it about usingrepparttar 127456 basic affiliate classifieds leading torepparttar 127457 basic affiliate web site that is going to make you unique among everyone else? Nothing. However, there are ways. Mostly in my articles I talk about running your own business. Next week, though, I'll go into specifics about working affiliate programs and different streams of income to gain profit. The overall lesson here is a simple one, however. Seek to provide repparttar 127458 same kind of quality, unique, worthwhile products or service that YOU demand. Take a lesson from your own buying habits and apply it to what you are offering. More related to affiliate program promotion next in this series.

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One Short Story, Three Very Important Lessons

Written by Joe Chapuis

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At about this time, I could hearrepparttar voices in my head (no, not THOSE voices) screaming: "Abandon cart! Abandon cart!"

Which is just what I did.

This isn't just a silly little story about me being a cheapskate. There's more. If you sell anything online that has to be shipped, pay close attention here...

"Shipping And Handling Charges Deter 63 Percent Of Consumers >From Buying Online..."

"...Survey reveals that 73 percent of consumers evaluaterepparttar 127450 total price of products, including S&H, before making an online purchase."

"...Companies that are profiting on S&H runrepparttar 127451 risk of increasing distrust among consumers."

"New research indicates that weight-based shipping and handling costs will minimize merchants' and consumers' risks"

[Source: Jupiter Media Metrix Press Release - go read it:]

Moral ofrepparttar 127452 story (Get it? "moral" - Christian book store, ah forget it...)

"Don't judge a book its cover." (sorry, couldn't resist) Or...

"What you're selling and whatrepparttar 127453 prospect thinks you're selling are often two different things." Or...

"The customer isn't stupid. If you're using shipping and handling charges as a mini profit center for your online biz, you're not fooling anyone." Or...

Enough. I think you getrepparttar 127454 picture.

Please Note: I am not implying that this company has intentionally created a S/H profit center or is trying to milk their customers. Perhaps they just need to take a closer look at their S/H system (similar to - see press release above).

Maybe you do, too.

PS - The store is It's a nice-looking site with great prices and a huge selection. I expect I'll give them a try inrepparttar 127455 near future. (I'll just be sure to order really heavy books and get my money's worth.)

Wishing you much success...

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