Direct Selling in Today's Tough Markets

Written by Terry Edwards

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[J] Understood!

[T] Just to reinforce my thoughts on change, just think about this.....Years agorepparttar Pony Express took 18 days to get a message from east coast to west. If our email takes 18 seconds today, we're calling tech support to find out what's wrong! Times have changed dramatically in all areas and selling is no exception.

[J] Is there one particular method or technique that you find is still in common use in many businesses, which should not be used in today's marketplace.

[T] There are lots, but there is one particular methodology which I hear about all too frequently and is worth "putting it to bed" right now. It's a very tired old idea which you may have heard of or some may even be working...heaven forbid!

It goes like this: The sales process is split into three main areas: Warm up, presentation ofrepparttar 127259 product, then close.

In other words,repparttar 127260 seller "warms up"repparttar 127261 buyer with a little friendly chat aboutrepparttar 127262 weather, golf, holidays etc. He then moves on to demonstrate his product, showingrepparttar 127263 features and benefits and whyrepparttar 127264 buyer should choose this product over any other one inrepparttar 127265 marketplace.

The buyer then moves on torepparttar 127266 "tough bit" (the close) and normallyrepparttar 127267 conversation goes from being pleasant and open to one with both parties twitching and getting more tense byrepparttar 127268 minute.

[J] I hate to admit this Terry, but I've seen this method taught recently at a seminar I attended!

[T] I know it still goes on and in a way I'm glad you've seen this. It's old hand-me-down stuff. But, without question, in this day and age, this form of selling is nonsense. Let's put these tired old ideas to bed quickly by asking you to think back to your schooldays.....

[J] Just a few years ago!

[T] Me too! At breakfast, your Mum gave you your bowl of cereal and sprinkled a spoonful of wheatgerm flakes on top. You didn't noticerepparttar 127269 wheatgerm and you never questioned your Mum as to why she added these flakes. Just think, if Mum had let you finish your cereal and then popped a spoonful of dry flakes in your mouth! You'd have coughed, choked and spluttered and Mum would not have beenrepparttar 127270 most favourite person onrepparttar 127271 block!

So it is with professional closing. If you separaterepparttar 127272 "closing" part,repparttar 127273 buyer will choke. Make it a little more palatable for him. Just a little closing sprinkled throughoutrepparttar 127274 presentation and he'll not even notice!

[J] Wow, that's a powerful analogy - I like that!

[T] Conversational, matter-of-fact closing throughoutrepparttar 127275 meeting is a technique that's invisible torepparttar 127276 buyer. It's methodology for today's markets.

[J] So, that's howrepparttar 127277 top salesmen do it?

[T] It is, but I bet if you asked a top salesman how he closes business, he'd scratch his head and probably be unable to give you a precise answer. I guarantee though, that his methodology was so rock solid that there was probably no need to "closerepparttar 127278 sale". It was a "done deal" part way through.

[J] So,repparttar 127279 message forrepparttar 127280 salesperson is "get updated" then?

[T] What I'd say is this, Jan, if you don't know how to sprinklerepparttar 127281 wheatgerm on your cereal, or you don't automatically integrate your closing, then you must be on "happy pills" to keep smiling after all those rejections!

[J] If they weren't before, they may be now! Well, Terry, It's been a real eye-opener speaking to you. Thanks for your time.

[T] Just a thought to finish our discussion, Jan. For your next appointment........... Why not use a "which would you prefer" question early on inrepparttar 127282 meeting?

Like, "Nice to see you, Mr Jones. May I ask...would you like your wheatgerm sprinkled so you'll hardly notice it, or would you prefer me to give it to you atrepparttar 127283 end, all in one mouthful, so that you cough and choke for ten minutes?"

Only a joke. Honest!

Terry Edwards, author of "How to Sell in Today's Tough Markets" and Principal of Direct Selling Masterclass - the leading "hands-on"direct sales training Company, based UK but working worldwide. ~~~~ Selling it like it is ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How To Double, Even Triple Your Sales Instantly

Written by Grady Smith

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Now before you say this can’t be applied to your business, I want you to think again. It can work, and it will work if you do it right.

Everyone has competition. Even someone offering a truly unique ebook about a business opportunity has strong competition from allrepparttar other ebooks with different business opportunities. Butrepparttar 127258 smart marketer will create a unique position so that their business opportunity ebook isrepparttar 127259 obvious choice.

Let me give you an example…

I own a copywriting business where I write sales letters and ads for clients. Andrepparttar 127260 competition in this market is pretty strong. But, by creating my own unique position I’ve been able to do quite well.

My unique position is being able to write copy that’s effective and gets results for about 1/4threpparttar 127261 price of my competition. And a deeper look at my position points out that people don’t need to spend more to getrepparttar 127262 same results.

So, how do you come up with your own unique position that will let you make more sales?

Think about how your product or service is different than your competition. And think in terms of a strong benefit that your prospects will find desirable, but is only available through you. You want to be able to say, “If you want _________________, then this isrepparttar 127263 only place to get it.” And if you can fill inrepparttar 127264 blank with a strong benefit your prospects want then I can guarantee you’ll realize more profits because of it.

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