Direct Selling Comparison Worksheet

Written by Diane Drayer

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11)Many companies provide Representatives with a company approved website. If you plan to market your business online, this will be vital to your success. Does your company provide a website and if so, what isrepparttar cost?_______ If they do not, can I design my own?

12)Some companies authorize Representatives to deduct their commissions prior to sending inrepparttar 117213 Show Order, while others require all monies collected forwarded to home office and then commission checks are issues monthly or twice per month. How are you required to submit payment for a show?

13)How often are commission checks issued..monthly, twice monthly or weekly? My experience has been that most issue monthly. Be sure to ask as there are some that offer twice monthly and weekly.

14)Many companies now ship their products directly torepparttar 117214 consumer or Hostess, however, there are few that require Representatives to delivery a Show or products. Am I required to delivery products?

15)With some opportunities, Representatives are encouraged to stock products to have on hand for eager customers. Will I be required to stock or carry inventory?

16)Most companies allow their Representatives to purchase products or display items at a special discount. Are Representatives allowed to purchase products at a discount and if so, what isrepparttar 117215 discount?

17)Have them explainrepparttar 117216 commission structure and levels of achievement as it varies greatly by company. What is your commission structure?

18)Do they offer additional incentives, such as trips, a cash bonus and etc.?

19)What type of support is available?

As with any business, finding what works for you and your lifestyle will berepparttar 117217 key. Take time to research opportunities and consider whetherrepparttar 117218 business and support team are a good match for you.

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Frustrated Internet Marketer?.....Here's how you can

Written by C.C. Collins

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Take note. If you're set on making a living online,repparttar absolute best piece of advice I could offer you is to get real. What I mean by that is focus on starting a real legitimate, ethical online business. Joining or working a "program" isn't a business. A specific opporunityor opportunities though, may be operated as part of a business. There is a difference.

The allure of easy profits and get-rich-quick schemes andrepparttar 117212 glut of fly-by-night gimmicks can cause can cause you to fail miserably. From experience, I can tell you that many of them sound so good that we want them to be true. And, no doubt, that's why many people, including me, have, at some point, fallen for them.

Many of us have experiencedrepparttar 117213 frustration that comes from not reaching our objectives.If you are currently in that situation, try and turn your frustration into increased drive to succeed and, in order to succeedrepparttar 117214 way you want, take stock of your situation in terms of, "Have you built a proper foundation or platform that will give your effortsrepparttar 117215 virtual certainty of success if you stayrepparttar 117216 course and dorepparttar 117217 actual work that is required?"

You can save yourself major headaches, time, money and frustration by making sure you construct your platform with these basic proven-that-it-works elements:

Your own domain name Your own Web hosting account Your ownWebsite Ad free autoresponder Autorespoder campaign series E-mail capture/signup to build your own list Your own ezine List builder campaign (pay-per-subscriber) and/or other methods Article(s) written by you Program/Service to submit your article(s) Several (3-10) reputable affiliate or networking programs

In addition, it just makes good economic sense to have one or more of your affiliate or networking programs paying on a multi-tiered monthly residual basis as opposed to a one time only sale commission.

Can most or all of these elements be found all organized for you in one or two places, including your own pre-written ezine? I know and use one, no doubt there are others. A search engine query may reveal more. Even if you must assemble all ofrepparttar 117218 basics one-by-one on your own, once you build your success platform and dorepparttar 117219 work, you will be on your way to turning frustration into dollars inrepparttar 117220 bank!

---------------------------------------- C.C. Collins publishes "Profit Machine Owner's Manual:Home Business Tips", a newsletter providing information dedicated to supporting people like YOU! Looking forrepparttar 117221 *best* rated home business opportunities?,repparttar 117222 latest time saving tools? Get helpful support from an honest friend inrepparttar 117223 business.Grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at: ----------------------------------------

C.C. Collins publishes "Profit Machine Owner's Manual:Home Business Tips", a newsletter providing information dedicated to supporting people like YOU! Looking for the *best* rated home business opportunities?, the latest time saving tools? Get helpful support from an honest friend in the business.Grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at:

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