Direct Marketing Puts Information In The Buyer’s Hands

Written by Daegan Smith

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The most common and most recognized form of direct marketing is a direct-mail campaign. A database is generated to form a list of potential customers and specific information and promotions are aimed especially for them. This getsrepparttar information directly intorepparttar 137219 hands ofrepparttar 137220 people most likely to purchaserepparttar 137221 products being offered.

Direct marketing offers advantages over other forms of marketing such as network marketing and broadcast marketing. With direct marketing, you can target a very specific group. A company can makerepparttar 137222 campaign large or small, depending on their budget. Ads can be test marketed to see ifrepparttar 137223 response rate is good before a larger campaign is started. Also, you can customize your direct marketing efforts to your former customers by compiling a database from past orders.

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Direct Marketing: Overlooked, Underappreciated and Unstoppable

Written by Brian Rice

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The direct marketing industry employsrepparttar top minds of our world to analyze and build databases and marketing campaigns to address onlyrepparttar 136004 concerns and needs of a selected audience, which history has proven to be accurate 70% ofrepparttar 136005 time. Typically, budgets are based more on analyzingrepparttar 136006 product, service and/orrepparttar 136007 consumer rather than playing an ROI guessing game.

Brief Case Study of a Client

Here is a case study of a client that used direct marketing to increase their bottom line:

Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation (AHMCC),repparttar 136008 largest U.S. privately held mortgage banker/mortgage broker initiated a more sophisticated form of direct mail marketing in 2003, which includedrepparttar 136009 use of opt-in email files and multi-level marketing to reach new customers. The results were that AHMCC increased their revenues by 100% and increased their closing ratio by 15% by using email alone. Customer loyalty went up and referrals hitrepparttar 136010 roof. AHMCC now has 700 offices in 49 states, Guam andrepparttar 136011 Virgin Islands!

Asrepparttar 136012 marketplace continues to evolve and change duerepparttar 136013 economic landscape andrepparttar 136014 need to offset expensive ad campaigns, direct marketing continues to play a major role forrepparttar 136015 success of any sized business. Regardless ofrepparttar 136016 negative connotations thatrepparttar 136017 public has on direct marketing,repparttar 136018 truth ofrepparttar 136019 matter is that corporations are vehicles that satisfyrepparttar 136020 needs of people and marketing isrepparttar 136021 channel that helps facilitate this process.

Ultimately, in order to be successful, companies must learn to maintainrepparttar 136022 loyalty of their customers and get in front of new ones by practicing 1 simple rule: Providing good product and service torepparttar 136023 right people, atrepparttar 136024 right time, inrepparttar 136025 right place and inrepparttar 136026 right way.

Brian Rice is the Founder & President of Red Clay Media, a full-service marketing data provider, direct mail and data services company. Visit or email Brian directly at brian

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