Digital zoom versus optical zoom

Written by Jakob Jelling

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It is a common intuition that optical lenses are far better thanrepparttar digital zooms. The reason is thatrepparttar 116164 digital camera zooms are more prone towards computer applications in them rather than mostly human interactions and expertise. Yet, it also remains a fact that beginner photographers find it more useful to handle a digital zoom and also its computer friendly nature. Thererepparttar 116165 computer doesrepparttar 116166 intricate tasks of finding some levelheaded approximation of colors that pixel might take up as it had capturedrepparttar 116167 images or photographs. Many algorithms are existent in this area, but perhapsrepparttar 116168 most abundantly used algorithm involves looking atrepparttar 116169 pixels that are quite nearly like neighbors and come up with a kind of an average. Anywaysrepparttar 116170 process remains too complicated and its end result is whatrepparttar 116171 digital zoom users are interested in.

Thusrepparttar 116172 ultimate truth remains that it is useless to compare digital zooms with optical zooms. Perhaps it is more logical to compare optical zoom with optical zoom and digital zoom with digital zoom. Both these two types of zooms,repparttar 116173 optical as well asrepparttar 116174 digital, have some good and bad qualities. Both of them have some extra features and preferences overrepparttar 116175 other. And thus it is not wise to compare them, even though a comparison may exist. The efforts would then perhaps look like comparing oranges with apples!

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Trivial Pursuit comes to the Mobile Phone

Written by Game Mobile

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A wide range of questions for extended replay value Hotseat multiplayer mode allows close competition on a single phone Improve your general knowledge and trivia skills withrepparttar unique Time Attack mode

Game Controls up/down = move cursor up/down/left/right = move cursor left softkey/select = select 1,2,3 = answer right softkey = in-game menu

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