Digital camera metering

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Next comesrepparttar center-weighted average metering. This is probablyrepparttar 116091 most common metering method implemented in nearly every digital camera andrepparttar 116092 default for those digital cameras that don't offer metering mode selection. This method averagesrepparttar 116093 exposure ofrepparttar 116094 entire frame but gives extra weight torepparttar 116095 center and is ideal for portraits. Another important isrepparttar 116096 spot or partial metering. The spot metering allowsrepparttar 116097 user to meterrepparttar 116098 subject inrepparttar 116099 center ofrepparttar 116100 frame or on some cameras atrepparttar 116101 selected AF point. Only a small area ofrepparttar 116102 whole frame is metered andrepparttar 116103 exposure ofrepparttar 116104 rest ofrepparttar 116105 frame is ignored. This type of metering is useful for brightly backlit, macro, and moon shots. Again a lot has been revealed and a lot remains to be done so, yetrepparttar 116106 rudimentary foundation of string fundamentals can be established viarepparttar 116107 lines ofrepparttar 116108 above lines of this discussion. It is only hoped thatrepparttar 116109 lines get their true respect fromrepparttar 116110 readers of them and users ofrepparttar 116111 digital camera to properly deliverrepparttar 116112 due respect thatrepparttar 116113 digital camera metering technique deserves.

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Create Your Own Webcomic

Written by Daniel Punch

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Before you jump headfirst into publishing your comics online, you should build up a bit of a backlog of comics. Try to draw at least ten or so quality comics that you would be proud to have on your site. If you're going to have a story-based comic then it would be a good idea to plan your first story arc. It is really useful to maintain this backlog of comics whenever possible, so that you can fall behind inrepparttar creation ofrepparttar 116090 comics but still have content to post online. Nothing turns away readers faster than failing to provide them with content when you say you will. If you eat intorepparttar 116091 backlog, try to draw a few extra strips so that it doesn't get diminished.

As a helpful guide for your comics, decide roughly what format they will take (e.g. three or four panel gag strips etc.) and draw uprepparttar 116092 panels on your computer. You can then print these and drawrepparttar 116093 strips withinrepparttar 116094 panels, ensuring that they stay neat and consistent. Whenrepparttar 116095 comics have been drawn, scan them into your computer and touch them up any way you like. It's generallyrepparttar 116096 best practice to remove speech balloons and text and add these on computer, because it will usually be neater and easier to read. Remember to fit balloons aroundrepparttar 116097 speech, notrepparttar 116098 speech intorepparttar 116099 balloons. It's amazing how often this is forgotten. Some good fonts, free for non-commercial use, can be found at Don't get too stressed about your artwork, I found that most people don't mind slightly inconsistent and not overly fantastic artwork provided they enjoyrepparttar 116100 content ofrepparttar 116101 comic.

So now you're ready to get going withrepparttar 116102 online side of things. Start writing your web page so that you can just upload it when you're ready. Webcomic PHP management systems are relatively easy to find. I personally really like ComicPro that, unfortunately, seems to have vanished fromrepparttar 116103 web. If you can hunt it down it's worth a look. Web hosting is quite easy to find as well, you won't need much space to begin with so you can use one ofrepparttar 116104 many free providers out there (including that provides free hosting specifically for webcomics), userepparttar 116105 web space provided byrepparttar 116106 majority of ISPs or purchase your own web hosting plan (you can get a quite cheap one because you won't be needing many features to begin with). When signing up for any hosting package, make sure you have permission to changerepparttar 116107 read/write attributes of your files becauserepparttar 116108 PHP comic managers will need this (this is done on Linux servers using CHMOD from your FTP program; In Windows you can Right-Click a file, select Properties and change security permissions there; or you may need to use a proprietary control panel provided byrepparttar 116109 host).

You're going to need to decide on an update schedule for your comic. It's probably best to start small and build up; maybe two or three updates a week. This way you have three to five weeks of comics in your backlog, which allows you to fall behind substantially before anyone notices.

While we're onrepparttar 116110 topic of deciding schedules, it will help you if you actually try and schedule an hour or so into your day to write comics. If you just try to fit them intorepparttar 116111 free time that you're "bound to have just after you finish just this one last thing" then you'll often find yourself failing to get a strip drawn on time.

Now that you have your comic online you can start promoting it. There are a huge number of comic directories out there that will help get you exposure. Get your friends excited about your comic and they in turn will get their friends excited. Read other people's comics and get involved in their forums. Find sites that accept guest artwork or comics and send some to them. The best promotion comes from getting people to read your comic and fire a link across their instant messenger program to another friend. My current list of "must read every day" comics came entirely from various people sending links to me. Don't expect instant success, look to sharing your vision with even just one new person every day.

Well, I hope that helps to give you a few ideas about how to make your comic and keep it running. When your characters start to grow they'll almost createrepparttar 116112 stories and jokes themselves andrepparttar 116113 strip won't be anywhere near as hard to write as it was when you first started out. Just keep drawingrepparttar 116114 comics on a frequent basis so that you don't fall out ofrepparttar 116115 rhythm of your created world and above all else have fun.

Daniel Punch M6.Net Daniel Punch is a University student doodling his way through many a boring lecture.

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