Digital camera interpolation explained

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Also, it can be noted here that JPG is a compressed image file format. Whenever a file is saved as a JPG file, image data is lost inrepparttar compression process. Image data is thrown away in exchange for file-size efficiency. Software interpolation is a process performed afterrepparttar 116096 JPG losses have been applied. Hardware interpolation occurs insiderepparttar 116097 camera prior to JPG compression and before JPG losses have been applied. The resulting hardware interpolated images are of superior quality to a comparable image interpolated in software.

These are basicallyrepparttar 116098 important points as discussed inrepparttar 116099 above lines regardingrepparttar 116100 digital camera interpolation. The explanation is worth for every user who can be a novice as well as an expert and thus uncovers another great feature of a digital camera,repparttar 116101 process of interpolation.

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Building a Wood Ladder

Written by Dave Markel

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Before removingrepparttar clamps use your hammer to break outrepparttar 116095 wood inrepparttar 116096 notches and clean up each notch with your chisel.

Unclamprepparttar 116097 two uprights and set them aside. Now cut allrepparttar 116098 2x3's into 19" lengths. You will get 5 out of each 2x3 but since we will only need 9 rungs you will have 1 extra. Each rung is attached torepparttar 116099 upright with exterior wood glue and deck screws. You will need to drill two countersinks on each end ofrepparttar 116100 rung (so 4 per rung).

Now attach them torepparttar 116101 uprights starting withrepparttar 116102 top and bottom rung. You might need to use your hammer to "convince"repparttar 116103 rungs intorepparttar 116104 notch. Don't force them intorepparttar 116105 notch if it too tight. They should only need to be tapped in not beat to pieces.

Put some ofrepparttar 116106 exterior wood glue into both notches and insert a rung. Make surerepparttar 116107 rung in flush torepparttar 116108 outside ofrepparttar 116109 uprights. Secure in place with 4 deck screws (2 on each end). Continue this forrepparttar 116110 reminder ofrepparttar 116111 rungs.

Protect you ladder with a durable finish like paint or stain.

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