Digital SLR Camera versus a Compact Digital Camera.

Written by Virginia Wong

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The Digital SLR cameras have a much longer battery life due torepparttar limited use ofrepparttar 144724 LCD screen. Please note, that asrepparttar 144725 LCD screen is only used for viewingrepparttar 144726 image,repparttar 144727 battery life of a digital SLR can allow up to 2000 shots per charge in some cameras compared to 500 for a good point and shoot digital camera.

Digital SLR cameras also allow you to interchange lens such as adding a zoom or macro lens when required.

Onrepparttar 144728 negative side of a Digital SLR camera; They are usually larger and heavier than compact digital cameras,repparttar 144729 image cannot be previewed onrepparttar 144730 LCD screen prior takingrepparttar 144731 picture. If you really requirerepparttar 144732 image to be viewed onrepparttar 144733 LCD prior to takingrepparttar 144734 picture, there are third party manufacturers that produce LCD screens that attaches torepparttar 144735 viewfinder and allowrepparttar 144736 scene to be view just like a compact digital camera. The other drawback isrepparttar 144737 inability to take videos and finally, lenses are expensive withrepparttar 144738 majority costing more thanrepparttar 144739 camera itself.

Although compact digital cameras cannot compete on features with a Digital SLR camera, they are great value, haverepparttar 144740 ability to take videos and are portable. If you have decided to purchase a Digital SLR camera I recommend you visit to find additional information on Digital SLR camera. If you are still undecided, purchase both.

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Relieft from Sarbanes-Oxley on the way?

Written by Cale D. Hollingsworth

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However, I would wager that another sizable portion ofrepparttar unnecessary expense is Vendor's exploiting Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about SOX to up-sell their products or services to CIO/CFO/CXO's.

Good read to understand what is going on and what may change.

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