Diet and Exercise – Without Going to the Gym

Written by Robb Ksiazek

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  • Recycle gallon milk and juice jugs. A gallon of water weighs almost 8 ˝ pounds. The jugs even come with a convenient carrying handle. One in each hand is enough resistance for toning arm curls.
  • Think thin and fit. We forgetrepparttar power ofrepparttar 149528 mind and its ability to healrepparttar 149529 body. Concentrate on your exercises and dieting feats as you perform them. You’ll create a life changing mindset that is necessary to achieving your goals.
  • Taking control over your weight and diet is only a couple steps away. Use common sense and think of simple solutions that you can do at home. Set good, aggressive goals in your endeavors, but break them down into smaller sub-goals so you can see your progress without getting discouraged. Reevaluate your goals as you go and make changes without losing sight ofrepparttar 149530 end goal.

    Robb Ksiazek is a successful author and publisher for He believes in simple solutions in the quest for a fulfilled life through mind, body, and soul experiences.

    Why Core is Key

    Written by Lea Woodward

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    Because your core consists of several different muscle groups, there is no single exercise – like crunches on a stability ball – that can possibly train allrepparttar muscles in your core at once. In order to train your core muscles you need to follow a specific core training programme that strengthens and stretchesrepparttar 149527 right muscles to provide optimum balance in YOUR body.

    Research has found that your TVA (Transversus Abdominis) activates fractionally before any other muscle when a movement of an extremity is made (e.g. you wave to your friend) – but if this doesn’t happen, your spine is exposed and your risk of injury is greatly increased.

    A simple test to determine whether your TVA fires correctly or not is this… 1) Standing up straight, place your finger in your navel 2) Then bend over to pretend you are picking something up fromrepparttar 149528 floor – or actually pick something up fromrepparttar 149529 floor in front of you.

    What happens to your finger, does it: - Stay where it is? - Move inwards closer to your spine? - Move out away from your spine?

    Email me at with your answer and I’ll let you know what should happen and what to do if it doesn’t!

    Lea Woodward is a fully qualified personal trainer in the UK. She runs activOne, a health & fitness services provider of personal training, nutrition & diet advice and massage therapy in Nottingham, England.

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