Diet And Detox

Written by Namita Nayyar

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We clearly need as many anti-oxidants as we can get! One ofrepparttar best place to find them is in fresh fruit and vegetables and that is why these foods are vital for detoxification. Many nutrients are destroyed by cooking and that is why raw food is much more effective as a source of health and formsrepparttar 131105 core of a healthy diet plan.

Raw food and fresh juices have remarkable cleansing and regenerating effect onrepparttar 131106 entire system, as they retain all their nutrients, which might get destroyed while processing and cooking.

Juices, both fruit and vegetable are essential part ofrepparttar 131107 whole process. Besides they are easily assimilated byrepparttar 131108 body and contain allrepparttar 131109 nutrients present in raw fruits and vegetables.

You can also choose from a wide range of delicious soups and salads. Try to incorporate these eating habits into your daily diet. You can eat as much as you want ofrepparttar 131110 salad and soup meals. Remember to snack on as much fruit as you want duringrepparttar 131111 day, as well as having at least two fresh juices daily, herb teas and of course, lots of water.

The detox diet helps to cleanse your system! The plan begins with a juice fast, which eliminates toxins at a very low level, and then continues with a highly nutritious food that promotes cellular renewal.

The diet might last for 2-4 weeks. Byrepparttar 131112 fourth week you will be on your way to establish a healthy diet for future. Below is an example of what a detox diet, might look like to begin with:-

The first two days:-

Breakfast: Natural yogurt with seeds. Apple and carrot juice.

Mid Morning: Apple

Lunch: As much salad as you like made from any ofrepparttar 131113 following raw ingredients-cucumber, peppers, radishes, sprung onion, any kind of salad leaves.

Mid afternoon: Apple

Supper: As much as fruit salad you like made from fresh fruits with orange or apple juice as sweetener.

You might drink plenty of water and herb tea throughoutrepparttar 131114 day.

NOTE: Do not begin on a detox diet withoutrepparttar 131115 prior permission of your doctors if you are suffering from any health symptoms or condition.

Article by Dr. U. Mahlothra (Nutritionist) and updated on 20th December, 2001


Blessings In A Mother's Tears

Written by Monique Rider

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Deborah was not doing well in school and there were so many options available to help her succeed. Again, she was not receptive to anyone’s help and out- patient counseling was not effective. I was constantly fightingrepparttar urge to push my knowledge and ideas on her. Because, after all, “mother knows best”. Instead I tried to be subtle with her – then I would retreat to my bedroom and cry. I struggled between elation – when she was in a good mood, anger - when she wouldn’t speak to me, and hate – when she was swearing at me.

I continued to network and educate myself, remembering to do it for myself and not push it on my daughter. I tried to take care of myself and to not give up my whole life because of this illness. I slowly recognizedrepparttar 131103 positive things about this situation. Like, how it caused me to reprioritize my life and take a stand for what I believed in. I did a lot of soul searching and made some personal decisions that I had been putting off. All of this placed me way outside of my comfort zone and it wasn’t a good feeling. But, like life itself, it’s a process. It’s personal growth.

I actually must thankrepparttar 131104 Lord for this whole situation because it has helped me in so many ways. Things are so much clearer to me now and my path is much more obvious. I am notrepparttar 131105 one withrepparttar 131106 illness but I am going through a personal growth so astounding that I wouldn’t traderepparttar 131107 experience for anything inrepparttar 131108 world. My heart aches for Deborah and each tear I cry represents my love for her. I would like to share my experience with her, make her aware of how I feel and what I’m going through. However, she’s not ready to hear it. I would love to see her go through a similar growth. Maybe she is, in her own way. Or maybe she’ll look back years from now and realize that she gained something from all this. I know my life will be painful for awhile but I will continue to survive. I pray that allrepparttar 131109 pain will be worthrepparttar 131110 gain.

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Monique Rider is a Life Coach and Personal Trainer. She owns Trinity Coaching Services, a company that offers fitness training and personal growth services to clients worldwide. To learn more about Monique please visit her website: or email her at:

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