Didn't You Know

Written by Gary Revel

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I thought you knew everything Aren't you God

Copyright 2004 Gary Revel


Gary currently lives in the Los Angeles, California area and recently published 4 books of poetry and his first of three autobiographical works planned. The book, 'To Live or Maybe Not' tells a story related to his military service in the US Navy during the Vietnam War Era and his investigation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

Madam Ha's Kitchen - A Taste of Sarawak

Written by Jane Ha

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Pourrepparttar tablespoonful of olive oil intorepparttar 125441 frying pan and gently heat uprepparttar 125442 oil.

Now placerepparttar 125443 fish fillet intorepparttar 125444 frying pan and fryrepparttar 125445 fillet on both sides until cooked.

Removerepparttar 125446 cooked fillet ontorepparttar 125447 serving dish, leavingrepparttar 125448 excess oil inrepparttar 125449 frying pan.

Addrepparttar 125450 crushed black peppercorns intorepparttar 125451 remaining oil inrepparttar 125452 frying pan and turn uprepparttar 125453 heat slightly and stir fry until you smellrepparttar 125454 distinctively and spicy aroma rise fromrepparttar 125455 pan.

Addrepparttar 125456 oyster sauce intorepparttar 125457 frying pan and continue to stir. Add a little water ifrepparttar 125458 sauce appears too thick. It should be slightly runny.

Addrepparttar 125459 sugar to give it that little taste of sweetness to tamerepparttar 125460 pepper.

Lastly, addrepparttar 125461 cooking wine / sherry to give itrepparttar 125462 final sweet peppery flavour.

You are now ready to pourrepparttar 125463 hot mixture overrepparttar 125464 cooked fillet and serve.

Enjoy !

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Renowned cooking instructor / presenter of ASEAN cuisine

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