Did you know everything in your dream is about YOU?

Written by Diane de Villiers

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Your boss – well, is your boss!

Step Three - Applyrepparttar meaning ofrepparttar 138638 symbol to YOU Imagine that YOU are each ofrepparttar 138639 symbols in your dream. You’ll note [fromrepparttar 138640 symbolism in Step Two] that most ofrepparttar 138641 meanings already relate back to you.

Extravagant house – YOU are feeling insecure and overwhelmed Descending staircase – YOU are sub-consciously trying to understand and face your fears Dark basement, hooded man – YOU recognize that you have hidden issues and fears Knife stabbing you – YOU are harming yourself Running away – YOU are trying to escape Blood – YOU are draining your energy Your boss – YOU are like your boss in some way

Step Four - Relate these meanings to aspects of YOUR waking life Take each symbol and relaterepparttar 138642 meaning to real circumstances you are dealing with in your life RIGHT NOW. Remember, your dream messages offer you guidance that you can use right away.

You’ll see why you arerepparttar 138643 best person to make sense of your own dreams. No one would knowrepparttar 138644 answers to these questions except you! I’ve just given examples to completerepparttar 138645 exercise:

Extravagant house – in which area of your life do you feel overwhelmed and insecure? Work, competitive sport, finances, for example?

Knife stabbing you – how are you harming yourself? Are you overdoing something – exercise, work or have you over-extended yourself financially?

Dark basement, hooded man – what are your fears? Performance anxiety at work or in your sport? Do you fear financial ruin? Running away – your reaction is to try to escape, but …

Blood – you are draining your energy. You can’t keep up this pretence for much longer. It will exhaust you.

Your boss – what aspects of your boss do you feel you have? Are you bossy like him/her? Are you compassionate like him/her? Do you have his/her leadership qualities that could solve your problem?

So you see, every aspect of your dream represents something about YOU. All you have to do is learn to understandrepparttar 138646 language of your dreams and to translaterepparttar 138647 imagery you see with your “dream eyes” into useful information you can use in your waking life.

Your dreams show you your TRUE SELF. As Carl Jung says: “Our dreams are most peculiarly independent of our consciousness and exceedingly valuable because they cannot cheat.”

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How well do you know yourself?

Written by Terry Dashner

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Yes—to know yourself is to know your own bitterness and contempt toward another. Find it and turn it all over to God. He forgives those who forgive others. To know yourself is to knowrepparttar truth about yourself. What are you hiding from yourself? What are you covering up? Truth alone will set you free.

The Bible says in I Corinthians 2:11 “For who among men knowsrepparttar 138571 thoughts of a man exceptrepparttar 138572 spirit ofrepparttar 138573 man which is in him? Even sorepparttar 138574 thoughts of God no one knows exceptrepparttar 138575 Spirit of God” (NASB). Apart from God who made you, who can really know you? Only you can know yourself. When you come to know who you really are, you see yourself honestly. And honestly you are just a man or woman, nothing more. You are not God. Only God is God. His Holy Spirit, who knowsrepparttar 138576 mind or plan of God, can help you in several ways.

For onerepparttar 138577 Holy Spirit can searchrepparttar 138578 mind of your human spirit or soul (Romans 8: 27) and can read what’s bugging you. He can pick up on things in you that you can’t put into words and help you prayrepparttar 138579 right prayer for relief. Yes He can. Sometimes all we can do is groan in emotional pain and hurt, butrepparttar 138580 groaning is a language of prayer before God whenrepparttar 138581 Holy Spirit is in it.

And yet another help is in purifying our hearts before God. The Spirit of God searchesrepparttar 138582 deep things of man—the heart of man. He usesrepparttar 138583 Word of God as an instrument of cleansing and washes away our sins. Jesus told His disciples in John 15:3 that they were cleansed by His Word. This is power, and it sets us free.

As you learn who you are, you are beginning a walk in wisdom. You are wise to acknowledge your limitations before God and man, and let God lift you above them. With God all things are possible.

Keeprepparttar 138584 faith. Stayrepparttar 138585 course. Jesus is coming again. Yes, wise men still seek Him.

Pastor T. dash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK.

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