Did You Use Your Sword Today?

Written by Michelle Jacobson

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Take Heed It's really no wonder why God told us in Mark 4:24 to take heed what we hear. The voices we hear might not be led by God.

We need to only listen to God's Word. There are no gifts that are greater in this world. There are only two choices. There is life or death.

God's Word is what brings life to us...

Did you use your sword ofrepparttar spirit today?

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St. George: The Dragon Slayer

Written by Mary M. Alward

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When Christian knights, known as crusaders, returned to England after having fought religious wars inrepparttar Middle East,repparttar 137539 legend of St. George became popular. Tales of his having slain a dragon was a great source of entertainment withinrepparttar 137540 castle walls and courtyards. The medieval knights told how St. George had appeared to them wearing white robes that were decorated with a red cross duringrepparttar 137541 siege of Antioch inrepparttar 137542 11th century.

In 1425, Henry V was victorious atrepparttar 137543 Battle of Agincourt. It was then that St. George becamerepparttar 137544 official patron saint of England. The red cross of St. George adorns Britainís national flag, and forms part ofrepparttar 137545 Union Jack.

St. Georgeís powers are used inrepparttar 137546 Middle East to cast out demons and in many other countries St. Georgeís Day heraldsrepparttar 137547 beginning of summer. He is classed asrepparttar 137548 guardian of animals in Lithuania and in some countries is associated with fertility. In Spain, St. Georgeís Day includes many festivities, includingrepparttar 137549 giving of gifts andrepparttar 137550 eating of feasts.

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