Did He Really Behave Himself At This Year's Office Christmas Party?

Written by Debbie Jenkins

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4. TIMING The timing may seem off between gestures and words. Ifrepparttar facial expression comes afterrepparttar 132262 verbal statement ("I am so angry with you right now" ... pause ... and thenrepparttar 132263 angry expression), it provides further evidence of potential deceit.

5. EXPRESSIONS In some cases a liar's gesture or facial expression won't always match their words. Examples such as frowning when saying "I love you" or tightly clenched fists while stating appreciation or pleasure spring to mind.

Expression will also regularly be limited torepparttar 132264 mouth area, rather thanrepparttar 132265 whole face whenrepparttar 132266 person is feigning certain emotions - happiness, surprise, awe etc.

6. POSTURE The liar may be reluctant to facerepparttar 132267 accuser and may turnrepparttar 132268 head or shiftrepparttar 132269 body away. If a lie has been committedrepparttar 132270 accused will probably slouch; he is unlikely to stand tall with his arms out or outstretched.

There could also be movement away fromrepparttar 132271 accuser, possibly inrepparttar 132272 direction ofrepparttar 132273 nearest exit.

Above are just 5 possible giveways, even if someone is displaying all of them it doesn't necessarily mean they are lying. So before you think about flying offrepparttar 132274 handle think about this... In Liar Liar you'll discover...

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Countdown 2 Armegeddon

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Saddam never sponspored terrorism. He had nothing to do with 9/11. By removing Saddam from power,repparttar Americans now find themselves facing a people that have armed people with both weapons and a new motive for terror. The Americans have opened a door forrepparttar 132259 real terrorists to gain a foothold on a territory that they would NEVER have had a chance to enter before. Saddam was a dictator, and as such, would never have allowed any groups to arm themselves other than his own army. And like a disease, other people have seen this change, and have started to feel likerepparttar 132260 terrorists were right. Other countries, countries that would never before spoken together, are now talking about banding together against this new Red, White and Blue threat. In case you have not realized, Christians look forward torepparttar 132261 coming of Christ. Christians want to see Armegeddon take place so thatrepparttar 132262 1000 years of peace, led by Jesus come-again, will finally happen. They are not afraid to pushrepparttar 132263 middle east into an all out war. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Gary Whittaker is the editor of T.E.N Magazine, a social commentary webzine with balls! Check out more articles at http://www.tenwebzine.com

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