Did God Speak To The Nations February 26, 2003

Written by Angelique Watkins

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Different ones was sharing and I did not say anything for I was listening and taking some notes: I do not like for other people to think that I think that I know it all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So I feltrepparttar time did come for me to share and I raised my hand and I said I do not know whether what I am going to stay fit in here bit if it don't I am sorry so I began to share:

I STARTED OFF saying I heard what KEVIN (YOUNGER DEACON-CHAIRMAN OF DEACON BOARD) said....now it could have been possible for nations to hear this as well. THEN I SAID LET'S GO TO EXODUS 33:7 - 10 and I began to share that THE TABERNACLE TO MY UNDERSTANDING WAS THE dwelling or headquarters of Moses, andrepparttar 126982 place whererepparttar 126983 public business ofrepparttar 126984 nation was transacted.

I also told them that Exodus 33:7-10 meant "Reference torepparttar 126985 Tabernacle" Sacred Places, The Tabernacle Set up.

Exodus 33:9 meant "Miracles" Miracles inrepparttar 126986 Upper Region & In The Atmosphere

Exodus 33:10 meant Prayer - Postures - Standing.

And my Pastor never once said I was wrong...

SOMETHING I CIRCLED IN MY WORK BOOK AND MADE NOTES IN MY WORKBOOK BUT I DID NOT SHARE with anyone until now: It made me think about a lady I know in Israel when I sawrepparttar 126987 picture and Word Study on Tabernacle.

MISHKAN "Tabernacle"...and in my workbook aboverepparttar 126988 picture I wrote M. in Israel, Me and S.A. now S A does not stand for South America but for some reason me mind went to Saudi Arabia for this is howrepparttar 126989 lady in Israel caught my attention she shared an article about Saudi Arabia.

Let's go to John 10:9

Jesus isrepparttar 126990 door, if any man enter in he shall be saved, shall go in and out and find pasture. Jesus: Shepherd ofrepparttar 126991 Sheep.

verse 9...I amrepparttar 126992 door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

Now let's deal withrepparttar 126993 old phrase that many people have heard if they watched cowboy pictures before "Go west, young man!"

Withrepparttar 126994 gate torepparttar 126995 Tabernacle being onrepparttar 126996 east side, to go east would be to move away from God and to go West would be to move toward HIM. The east wind was an ill wind of bad tidings(Scriptures on east: Genesis 3:24, Genesis 4:16, Genesis 16:12, I Kings 11:7, Isaiah 2:6).

Let's go to Exodus 27:1-8: THE BRONZE ALTAR

I am only going to write out Exodus 27:8.

GOD REMINDS MOSES "as it was shown to you inrepparttar 126997 mountain, so they shall make it."

Hollow with boards shalt thou make it: as it was shewed thee inrepparttar 126998 mount, so shall they make it.

Exodus 27:1: Dimensions

Exodus 27:2, 4, 5, 8: Its Construction

Exodus 27:6, 7: Its Staves and Rings

Exodus 27:3: Its Utensils

The bronze altar: Once those who would worship God had entered into a relationship with HIM by divinely appoint way,repparttar 126999 gate,repparttar 127000 first item they would encounter/see wasrepparttar 127001 bronze altar.

Let's go to Exodus 30:17-21

Speakers and Hearers. The LORD spoke to Moses. The Laver inrepparttar 127002 Court made of brass, foot of brass. When they go up intorepparttar 127003 temple they shall wash with water, wash their hands and feet.


verse 17...Andrepparttar 127004 LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

verse 18...Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal: and thou shalt put it betweenrepparttar 127005 tabernacle ofrepparttar 127006 congregation andrepparttar 127007 altar, and thou shalt put water therein.

Scripture reference taken from: Crusade @ Bible Publishers, Inc. 1970, Mt. Juliet, Tn, USA, 37122, USA

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A Christian Should ........

Written by Stanley T. Crawford

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In addition, Paul tells us that we should live peaceably with all men, if possible, and when it is in our power to do so (Romans 12:18). There are times when it is indeed within our power to promote peace. For instance, when we are in a heated discussion our choice of words becomes very important. Our choice of words to convey our message can fall betweenrepparttar range of inflammatory to conciliatory. The Bible provides food for thought in this area. Consider, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger (Proverbs 15:1).” So we should ask ourselves, “Are we trying to live peaceably?” There are times whenrepparttar 126981 answer will be “yes” and times whenrepparttar 126982 answer will be “no.”

When others hurt us, we are exhorted not to take revenge. God has reserved revenge for himself (Romans12:19). If you ever sit down and think about this, who can better render justice then an omnipotent being, God. God tells us that, if our enemy has a need that we can meet, then meet that need. In meeting our enemy’s need we “heap coals of fire on his head” (Romans 12:30). These are very powerful words; these words let us know that God will handle things in his time. We have merely to allow God to be God. From this, we can drawrepparttar 126983 conclusion that God cares for his children.

Copyright 2002, Stanley T. Crawford, isrepparttar 126984 editor of, “People ofrepparttar 126985 Bible,” and webmaster of http://www.whatismyname.com. All Rights Reserved. mailto:scrawford@whatismyname.com

Stanley T. Crawford, is the editor of, “People of the Bible,” and webmaster of http://www.whatismyname.com.

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