Diamond Promise rings – For When You Mean It.

Written by Peter Leigh

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Often entered into between 2 younger people, a purity ring is a promise about sexual purity. Often made between 2 young people for religious reasons, it is a promise to abstain from sexual activity until a certain time, usually their marriage.

And it need not always be a promise made between 2 people, it can also be a promise to oneself. A display of a promise that a young person shall remain pure untilrepparttar time is right. Still, though, a very serious promise.

Some consider that a purity ring of this type is a promise between 2 “people”, in thatrepparttar 144866 other half ofrepparttar 144867 partnership is God. That this is a covenant or a promise made between a young person and his or her God.

The types of promise rings described are not exclusive. Diamond promise rings can be exchanged really for any reason. However it is very important, firstly, that both people understand exactlyrepparttar 144868 nature of what is being promised. If possible write it down so there can be no misunderstandings. If it can be encapsulated in a short phrase why not get it inscribed onrepparttar 144869 ring?

And why diamond promise rings, rather than other types of promise rings? Just because diamonds arerepparttar 144870 best. Nothing beats a diamond for a ring.

And because they aren’t cheap, sorepparttar 144871 mere fact that you’ve both made a promise that you are prepared to cement byrepparttar 144872 serious commitment of spending money means that it is very important to you. A cheap ring really doesn’t mean so much.

So why not display torepparttar 144873 worldrepparttar 144874 seriousness of your promise byrepparttar 144875 wearing of a diamond promise ring? There’s no better way to make a commitment to each other untilrepparttar 144876 time is right.

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Public -school teachers know best --- they send their kids to private schools

Written by Joel Turtel

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These statistics should be a warning signal for parents, a red flag waving briskly inrepparttar wind. If your children's teachers are sending their children to private schools, should you be keeping your kids in public school? Ifrepparttar 144865 soldier-teachers inrepparttar 144866 public-school trenches tell you that there is something very wrong with these schools, you should, for once, be listening to them.

Actions speak louder than words. The fact that so many public-school teachers send their kids to private schools should be allrepparttar 144867 proof you need that it might be wise for you to look for education alternatives for your kids elsewhere.

If you think you can't afford an expensive private school, you're happily mistaken. Joel Turtel's book, "Public School's, Public Menace" tells parents all about quality, low-cost Internet private schools. These private schools are a great new resource for giving your children an excellent education at an affordable price.

Joel Turtel is the author of “Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children." Website: www.mykidsdeservebetter.com, Email: lbooksusa@aol.com, Phone: 718-447-7348. Article Copyrighted © 2005 by Joel Turtel. NOTE: You may post this Article on another website only if you set up a hyperlink to Joel Turtel’s email address and website URL, www.mykidsdeservebetter.com.

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