DialResults Lowers Costs on Multi Site Call Centers or remote agents through use of IP Technology:

Written by Richard Logan

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Benefits of Using Remote Agents or Multi Site Contact Centers

1. Lowers operating costs.

Agents working on a DialResults IP enabled predictive dialer solution from home or from a remote location means a much smaller contact center facility is required — for major cost savings for a contact center’s business model.

2. Lower telecommunications Costs

Contact Centers routing calls overrepparttar DialResults IP network will dramatically reduce a contact centers costs for inbound and outbound calls or any type of multi media application.

3. Seamless service. Agent’s that are onrepparttar 133487 DialResults IP solution will now haverepparttar 133488 benefit that CSR’S physical location is now transparent to everyone: agents, callers, and called 3rd parties. DialResults new IP technology, also allows contact centers to maintain high-quality of seamless service, so when one contact center location is closed, goes down or reaches its call handling capacity; calls now can be automatically routed to another location or a group of off site agents.

4. Easy administration.

Separate sites or remote at home agents has been difficult to administer centrally with only one management team. Now DialResults IP predictive dialer solution allows ease of use with seamless administration of all remote locations and at home CSR’S. For more information call 1-888-839-3613 ext. 4581 or 1-602-445-6201 and please visit http://www.dialresults.com .

Richard Logan has over 15 years in the call center arena. Both as a Telemarketing manger to selling of predictive dialers starting in UNIX to the new IP Multi Media Predictive Dialer systems.

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Written by Seth Pychewicz

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focus and expertise, Elexa Consumer Products develops a synergy amongst organizational groups to improve business processes and maximizerepparttar sharing of ideas towards common goals.


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