Diagnosis Unknown

Written by Randy Davis

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you are a health care professional you can gain valuable insight from seeing what it is like to be in these shoes. The solutions they found may very well not be your solutions, butrepparttar steps they took,repparttar 108409 indicators they used,repparttar 108410 ways they kept themselves on track will give you a map for your own journey. Visit www.a-quantum-reach.com

Randy's journey is cronicled in his book.

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Written by Judy Cullins

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Brainstorm a list of your possible titles with associates through a small marketing survey. Ask them to vote from 1-10 and offer their own title ideas that would make them reach into their wallets and pay $15-20 or more.

6. You don't leverage your eBook for higher price sales.

When you look atrepparttar valuable information inside your eBook and you realize you only make $20 a sale, you may want to investigate putting it into an eCourse. These courses sell for $79 and up. With just a little revising and tweaking, you can set your book up to be a hands-on how to course.

You can bundle several lower cost eBooks and list their singular prices. Then offer a fabulous discount to buy all three or four.

Mistake 7. You don't add bonus value to your eBook.

Whenever you put 2-4 bonus special reports atrepparttar 108408 end of your eBook document in Portable Document Format, you make your offer so appealing, that many will buy forrepparttar 108409 bonuses alone. For an eBook on How to Write your EBook or Other Book--Fast! an eBook that sells for $24.95,repparttar 108410 author offered these three valuable bonuses as an incentive to buy. "Titles Sell Books" - value $4.95, 2. "Write Like a Pro Checklist." - value $3.95, and 3. "How to Get Testimonials fromrepparttar 108411 Rich and Famous" - value $5.95 . That's $15 of valuable reports added to $24.95--Total value: $40.00 value for only $24.95.

She put a new link on her Web site "Discounts ofrepparttar 108412 Month." With a limited time offer, from her ePromotion bi-monthly offers, she got many new buyers. Everyone wants useful, original information. Everyone also wants a bargain.

Mistake 8. You put too many topics in your book.

Remember, best sellers focus on one main topic. Each chapter must support that subject. When you try to give too much, your information isn't organized, short, and compelling. Instead ofrepparttar 108413 end all, be all book, concentrate on one "how-to" and give plenty of details to make it useful to your reader.

9. You don't market while you write.

Most writers wish someone else would do it for them. Not in this lifetime! It's so much easier to put marketing into each chapter title, each chapter's questions you will answer, rough draft of your eBook's back cover (sales letter),repparttar 108414 One-Minute "Tell and Sell," and knowing your targeted audience, thesis and table of contents before you write a single chapter. Knowing these essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points" before you finish your eBook will have you ready to promoterepparttar 108415 second you write your last word. .

10. You don't brand yourself, your business, and your book.

Some people join an affiliate program or set up an affiliate program for others to sell their products and sell many products. As a marketing coach, what I want for you is to think ofrepparttar 108416 overview "umbrella" you can house your products under. Think about your biggest benefit you offer through your service. Think about your book title. Can you put a key word from it into each chapter title? Forrepparttar 108417 book, "Passion at Any Age,"repparttar 108418 author putrepparttar 108419 word passion in each chapter title such as "Passionate Self-Care". In one client's book, "Watch Out! Your Relationships Can Be Hazardous To Your Health."repparttar 108420 author includedrepparttar 108421 key words "watch out!" in each chapter title.

The eBook earning curve while short, is important for all writers to conquer. It's easier when you contact a professional coach or take a teleclass to inform yourself. Stop making eBook mistakes so you can earnrepparttar 108422 money you deserve.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams eBk: "Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online" http://www.bookcoaching.com To receive FREE "The Book Coach Says..." go to http://www.bookcoaching.com/opt-in.shtml Judy@bookcoaching.com Ph:619/466/0622

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