Development of a society

Written by Vadim Smolyanov and Valentina Smolyanova

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The phenomenon of Russia consists in following. Being betweenrepparttar East andrepparttar 127677 West of thousand years she has received incredibly rich associative structures of "Super ego" (the Orthodoxy,repparttar 127678 Islam, Judaism,repparttar 127679 Buddhism) and of "Unconscious" (the creativity perfected through difficulties orrepparttar 127680 destruction of all, depending on a situation). These "riches" turn around for us asrepparttar 127681 great trouble andrepparttar 127682 great happiness. Trouble is in past experience, happiness is inrepparttar 127683 future opportunities. The person of Russia perceivesrepparttar 127684 world depending on a situation through "Super ego" or "Unconscious" (the feel function andrepparttar 127685 intuitive function) seldom uses consciousness (the cogitating function) becauserepparttar 127686 consciousness is not suitable in conditions of constant uncertainty. It is marked as "a riddle of Russian soul" with a positive or negative shade by all serious researchers of Russia. Such position ofrepparttar 127687 Russia results in equally negative result whether she isrepparttar 127688 East despotism (authority of "Super ego") or whether she isrepparttar 127689 West liberalism (authority of "Me").

*** Why hasrepparttar 127690 evolution created such mad country? Can to constrain expansion ofrepparttar 127691 West how Neanderthal men inrepparttar 127692 past? The answers would not be, if there was no example in a history. One Person has already made that Evolution demands. He has combinedrepparttar 127693 "Super ego" andrepparttar 127694 "Unconscious";repparttar 127695 law of wildlife and a lifeless Matter;repparttar 127696 Past andrepparttar 127697 Future; Paradise andrepparttar 127698 Hell; All in Nothing, Nothing into All. It isrepparttar 127699 Christ. It is easier to person of Russia to repeat a feat ofrepparttar 127700 Saviour. For this purposerepparttar 127701 Russians should realiserepparttar 127702 "Super ego", religions ofrepparttar 127703 ancestors (Orthodoxy,repparttar 127704 Islam, Judaism andrepparttar 127705 Buddhism). A modern science can already help us in it. Only then we can understandrepparttar 127706 "Unconscious". Realisedrepparttar 127707 "Super ego" can prevent infringement of mentality at passage of complexes, it isrepparttar 127708 top layer ofrepparttar 127709 "Unconscious" which are formed millions years. Probably, everyone understands as far as this dangerous undertaking, but if we shall not startrepparttar 127710 work, Evolution will force us, having created external conditions. And what external conditions can be we already know. The principle ofrepparttar 127711 Matter Uniting waits us atrepparttar 127712 end of a way. Inrepparttar 127713 Unconscious of Russia isrepparttar 127714 Soul of all mankind.

Translated from Russian. We shall be glad to receive your remarks on stylistics, grammar, and content. (on Russian)

The part of article is created by experts of control systems, managements of projects and psychology. The article contains the concept of person and society development on the basis of traditional religions and modern achievements of science.

Eulerís Identity and the Eucalculus

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

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But one does not rush headlong into uncharted territory. Warnings are issued that there may be pitfalls inrepparttar established Art of mathematics, let alone in this cutting-edge development.


Charles Douglas Wehner

Born in 1944, Charles Wehner is an electronics design engineer and technical author working in so many fields linked to electronics that he was obliged to investigate the fundaments of the mathematics that he used.

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