Developing Your Website: 10 Tips for Getting Started

Written by Juliet Austin & Nataniel Richman

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Often you will have a logo and/or other graphics you'd like to build a design around. You probably have some colour and style preferences. Perhaps a certain font has caught your eye. If you're stumped and lacking ideas, go surfing! Look through a wide variety of websites both your competitors' and other successful businesses/ organizations. Write down (or bookmark)repparttar sites you like and what appealed (or didn't appeal) to you. Dorepparttar 139686 same with magazine ads. You'll get a lot of inspiration.

7. Organize and formulate a layout forrepparttar 139687 information you'd like to include.

Assign page names to each distinct "chunk" of information and, ifrepparttar 139688 total number of pages is sufficiently high (over 12, as a rule of thumb), group them into sections. This will make navigating through your site that much easier. Your designer should be able to make some recommendations in this area.

8. Make sure you understandrepparttar 139689 importance of effective website copy (text).

Your website copy will be determined by your purpose and your audience. Onrepparttar 139690 Internet, people have very short attention spans. If they don't getrepparttar 139691 information within a few seconds they'll usually move on torepparttar 139692 next website possibly your competition's. Furthermore,repparttar 139693 more you know about writing web copy,repparttar 139694 more customers you will draw in. You can learn some basic copywriting skills yourself, or you can hire a professional copywriter to write it for you. Always make sure you know what you want to say and say it concisely. If you haverepparttar 139695 need for a lot of text that can always follow further downrepparttar 139696 page or on another page.

9. Choose a domain name and find a hosting company.

Your website will need to reside somewhere so that others will be able to access it. And, you'll probably want to register a domain name, such as Doing so rather than usingrepparttar 139697 long, awkward name (and free web space) provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), sounds much more professional and is much easier for customers to remember. Choosing a good domain name can also help you get found in search engines, such as Google. You'll also get related email addresses, such as, which, again, sound professional and reinforce your domain name. There are plenty of hosting companies out there at a variety of prices. Find one that suits your needs. Your web designer or marketing consultant should be able to help you with all ofrepparttar 139698 above.

10. If you have a business website, develop a strategy on how you will market it.

Having a website without visitors will get you nowhere. An analogy is writing a fantastic book, hiding it inrepparttar 139699 library, and not telling anyone about it. You will need to drive traffic to your site. There are numerous ways to do this. You can either learn to do this yourself, or hire a marketing professional to help you. Although hiring someone will increase your initial costs, it can pay off inrepparttar 139700 long run when you have more potential customers visiting your site, and ultimately increasing your sales.

Juliet Austin & Nathaniel Richman, 2005.

Juliet Austin assists counselors, other professionals and organizations in writing compelling website copy and marketing their services online.

Nathaniel Richman assists ethical and socially responsible businesses and organizations in developing unique and professional websites.

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Digital Printing for artworks

Written by kay zetkin

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Digital printing is mainly applied in applications such as printing advertisements, posters, publishing, business cards and logos. Quality designs in printing can be achieved with good digital designers and artists. They should be able to apply expertise in choosingrepparttar right colors and materials such as paper, film, cloth, text design forrepparttar 139685 various printing works. They should carefully chooserepparttar 139686 right paper product and substance to maintain accuracy to so as to turn ordinary art works to astonishing prints. Printer properties and setting should also be checked regularly to maintain a good printing status and quality. The use of digital printers varies in different usage. Inkjet printers are best for full-color posters, postcard, black and white photography images and other in-door prints. Inkjet printers are very visible and accurate, fast and truly illuminating while thermal printers are mainly used forrepparttar 139687 purpose of outdoor printing. It covers printing full-color logos and vehicle graphics. Digital printing inrepparttar 139688 field of art has made designs and prints more presentable and reliable for use. It has marked a change in technology bringing out a breakthrough and challenge in digital printing. So to keep up your printing outputs inrepparttar 139689 desired shade always check your printer and use it properly.

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