Developing Free Content... It's not really as bad as it sounds!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Many major sites are monitored and rated by some ofrepparttar larger corporations and industry experts. If you article catches their eye, you could end up with a client that you would have otherwise never hadrepparttar 129861 chance to work for. The widerrepparttar 129862 audience,repparttar 129863 more additional work you can acquire!

--- Writing a Free Content Article ---

Writing a free content article is simple and follows a similar professional approach as an article for a standard, paying market. A few pointers are:

* Be Concise Keep it under 1,500 words. Some professional organizations might pickup your article for a paying market and they usually only accept between 500 and 2,000 words. Also, if you can write an in-depth topic in fewer than 1,500 words, that usually demonstrates that you have a handle onrepparttar 129864 topic.

* Be Real Take free content articles seriously. Be professional and write about something you know professionally. Stay away fromrepparttar 129865 MLM articles and avoid meaningless writing.

* Be Honest I've seen some authors userepparttar 129866 same free content from other writers and just modify it a little to suit their needs. Do you own work!

* Your Byline Make sure that you byline provides enough information to identify yourself and provide contact information. This byline is your business card!

--- Here, steal my work! ---

As I've said, I sometimes see that same article used by numerous writers. Sometimes, unethical people steal other's work so that they can look good inrepparttar 129867 public eye. Take it as a compliment, but protect yourself.

Protecting free content is no different than protecting paying market content. One place to go is MediaRegister ( They will register your work online for a minimal fee. This way you can distribute your work and protected it fromrepparttar 129868 little thieves ofrepparttar 129869 Internet.

--- What next? ---

Free content articles can provide you with enormous amount of exposure onrepparttar 129870 Web. In some cases, you can obtain exposure that you would have otherwise missed!

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas with his singer/actress wife. He currently handles technical writing tasks for various companies in New York, Chicago, and Denver as well as imagineers and markets feature-length screenplays.

Preparing a Business Proposal

Written by Jennifer Stewart

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Management Plan Give specific details of manning levels: numbers of staff required any training needed experience of managers and their skills

Marketing Plan Divide this into: Internal - how you'll win repeat customers and referrals External - how you'll get new customers Impact - how you'll target specific groups Detail how you'll go about targeting and selling to each group e.g. Service levels Vouchers Hand-outs Music Decor Entertainment Special add-ons Etc Publicity and direct approaches you'll make (specify targets e.g. music schools etc) Promotion (e.g. freebies, discounts, buy one get one free, every 6th something free, charity performances, openings etc). The actual product / service you're selling - explain exactly what it is or what it involves.

Financial Plan Give details of: Projected sales Projected costs Projected profits Give specific details e.g. break down into gross profits, overheads, net profits etc.

Action Plan Again, you must give details, consider using a table to show: Activities to be carried out When these will be done Who will do each

Give a chronological sequence of action to show how you plan to start and developrepparttar business.

Provide plenty of graphs (use different styles), tables, facts and figures.

Get information from Bureau of Statistics on demography, socio-economic groups, age etc.

Have an appendix and include any extra details (e.g. if you're planning to start a business which has a sound recording studio, include newspaper cuttings about bands bemoaningrepparttar 129858 fact that they can't get their CDs cut etc).

If all this sounds a little daunting, keep reminding yourself ofrepparttar 129859 rewards for all this hard work - you'll be able to start your business much sooner than if you had to work for a boss and saverepparttar 129860 necessary capital, or if you had to wait until you winrepparttar 129861 lottery!

Jennifer Stewart has had her own web-based business at since 1998 and specialises in editing and copywriting for business people who would rather spend their time running their businesses than chewing on the end of a pen. For details of how you can start your own business, click here:

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